Sunday, September 25, 2005

Geeking out with technology, coffee talk, rain on the beach, and rock on!

Sunday I have this habit of checking my email often. It's like opening the mailbox on a Sunday hoping fun mail will magically appear or opening the fridge to see if food mysteriously presents itself. I do have a mysterious science experiment or two growing in the back corner of the fridge, but other than that, nothing new or exciting. Time to do a little fridge cleaning. Anyhoo, after geeking out on the email (no messages!) and e-news, it's time to get ready and dressed for a fun excursion with Mom and Dad Sigety. (We're celebrating my father-in-law's birthday.) Steve and Kumi chauffeur us to St. Joe, Michigan, to this Big Boy restaurant that has fabulous dessert. I was worried that I didn't see the Big Boy statue right away, but I was not to be disappointed to see him lurking by the front door, donned in red- and -white checkered outfit, Elvis-style hair, and burger raised over his head. I wonder if his arm ever got tired? Darn, I forgot my camera! Big Boy brings up a lot of memories: My grandparents taking us out for breakfast in Michigan, my sister's lovely polyester brown uniform (she worked at a local Big Boy restaurant during the summers between college semesters) and the Austin Powers movies. We had a lovely lunch and the dessert was wonderful--hot fudge ice cream cake. Steve and I split one. Mmm. Jeans are getting a little snug. Will need restaurant dress soon. I had the crazy idea of going to Wako Beach and picking up rocks off the beach (for personal use in our gardens, not to sell on E-bay). It wasn't so crazy except for the fact it was raining and foggy on the beach. It was gorgeous...a mix of grey skies, blue water,and white fog. Oh, I was annoyed I forgot my camera! Dad Sigety said something really cool--and I'm paraphrasing--he said that "if you wait until the weather is perfect to do what you want, you won't do it. Let's go have fun." So we packed our towels and umbrellas, and crossed the sandy beach to the shore. We saw a flock of seagulls (yes, like the retro 80's band) hanging out on our way. After I went through my usually corny routine "This beach rocks! Rock on! Hey, it's a rock group (after seeing a cluster of rocks on the shore). We're getting a rocky start." And on and on... we picked cool shades of rocks for the yard. I wished I would have focused on remembering the kind of rocks in Geology class instead of perfecting my professor's Bronx accent. We brought home rocks (they are drying in my bathroom), a bit of sand in my Nike shoes, and a fond memory. My father-in-law is now addicted to rock collecting. Good night!

Geeking out with technology, coffee talk, and ending the evening with chocolate fondue and garden musings! Part One

Hello! This is the first of two posts...otherwise you will be reading forever! Saturday I am so fortunate to be surrounded by inspiring friends and family. I started the morning by going to technology training. It's amazing to be PAID for training,as many folks are begging for computer classes or paying to take them. Unfortunately, I hadn't had my first full bottle of caffeinated diet coke, so it was hard to absorb anything. My cohort,Thelma,kept me focused. At least I wasn't coherent enough to cause any trouble (lucky for Frances AKA technology goddess extraordinaire). Afterwards, Thelma and I basically invited ourselves to lunch with Frances, the technology goddess extraordinaire! We had a blast at the restaurant. It was coffee talk that evolved into a full-blown lunch excursion! I had a carb attack and ordered two of the corn muffins to accompany my chicken soup. Mmmm.Cluck.Slurp. I may have unhinged my jaws to eat the corn muffins whole. I also eyed Thelma's corn muffin. She looked a little nervous and did not leave her plate unattended. Sadly, the lunch had to end and so we continued our day with food coma and a lot of silly laughter. (Must take mental note to do this again soon). In the evening, Steve and I visited our friends Elisabeth and Mark. We had a fantastic time! Nachos and pizza and chocolate fondue! Mmmm.Oink.Chomp. They have a beautiful garden, so vibrant and happy, replicating an authentic English cottage garden with personal artistic touches and adorned with hues of pink. That's what friends and flowers do, inspire us. Gardening can resemble life. Some summers the garden is dry, neglected, and wilty. Other summers the garden is lush, green, and flowery. And the in next year, you can start over and strive for a better garden. Or, if you choose not to abide by garden philosophy, you can draw the blinds, geek out at the computer, eat corn muffins and double dip the chocolate fondue. But you can have the best of both worlds, n'est pas? Good night!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Random Friday Musings

TGIF! It's been a good week, but a long one. I've been busy getting my checking account and credit card account straightened out. Stupid Phishers! Well, I learned that a reliable website will not email you an obnoxious email that requires you to put in information... there's a nasty EBay phishing scam going around... so please be careful online. I've taken my fifth class in Tae Kwon Do and I love it! I'm preparing for the next level, which is a yellow belt. (Right now I'm a white belt.) I've been listening to the new Muppet Movie Soundtrack(with Ashanti)and there's nothing that is more soothing than singing the Rainbow Connection with Kermit the Frog while driving among silly drivers. Here's some books I've been reading: Three Weeks With My Brother by Nicholas and Micha Sparks. It's a grand autobiography about the travels and lives of two brothers growing up in a poor family.It's sad but inspiring at the same time. I did not know Nicholas Sparks earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do! The author also spoke about his writing process--he did it to work through the hard times in his life. I'm also reading Good Poems for Hard Times ,selected and illustrated by Garrison Keillor. I'll end this blog by quoting from Keillor's eloquent introduction: "The meaning of poetry is to give courage. A poem is not a puzzle that you the dutiful reader is obliged to solve. It is meant to poke you, get you to buck up, pay attention, rise and shine, look alive, get a grip, get the picture, pull up your socks, wake up and die right." -Garrison Keillor

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Adventures with Greenie and Kumi!

It's been a fun weekend. On Friday, we hosted story hour at the North Liberty Branch! We had a lot of silly fun! I also went to Tae Kwon Do and officially signed up. I'm a white belt now with three notches. (That means I've had three classes.) It's really cool. The philosophy lesson was on reliability. Hmmm. Something to think about. I think I'm reliable, but can always do better. On Saturday, we had twelve people make leaf t-shirts. Thank you, Patrice!Afterwards, Steve and I visited Mom and Dad and Anne and helped with house painting. My brother-in-law, Drfi, was away visiting friends in Michigan. It's a good thing too,because I think there would have been a serious painting fight! (We were really awful with whipped cream one year at a holiday dinner.)I didn't wear too much primer... Steve and I also went to a party on Saturday night. It was a great time. I drove Kumi because Steve was tipping just a bit. It was the second time I ever drove Kumi, but she behaved very well for me... (For those of you who do not know, Kumi is Steve's 2005 Gray-Green Toyota Prius. Greenie is my 2002 Clover Green Honda Civic.) On Sunday, I had cawfee tawk with a girlfriend (Thanks Dawn, for treating! My turn next time.) then took Greenie to the carwash...she smells like vanilla now. There's something wrong when one's vehicle is getting more grooming and maintenance this month then the human driving her. With the insurance,new registration,license plate renewal,interior/exterior bath, and oil change this week,Greenie should either a)be going to a car show (like a cat or dog show) or b)getting married. (Perhaps I did inhale some of the paint fumes this weekend.) Anyway, the sport is back this fall! (You're thinking football, right?) Nope. Wrong answer. The sport I'm referring to is deer dodging. When your library is close to a state park (Potato Creek) and it's mating season, there are many amorous deer traipsing among the wood and hilly road. So far (knock on wood) I've managed to dodge several of Bambi's cousins. I hope you are safe, too! Have a great week!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Blogs blogs, they're better than bad, they're good!

Here's my silly little song of the day: "Blogs, blogs, they're better than pencil and wood! Blogs, blogs, they're better than bad, they're GOOD!" (By Blammo... Ren and Stimpy fans will understand.) I still write with pencil and wood, mind you... It's been a ditzy day in the neighborhood... Early this a.m. I was sleeping with my geek chics (glasses) in my hand and my husband, Steve asked me why I had my glasses in my hand. I guess I mumbled that my glasses were emailed to me. I guess I need to step away from the cowbox (Gateway computer) every once in awhile. I worked at the north (North Liberty Branch)today and then left for ArtBeat in Metropolis (South Bend.) On my lunch hour, while I shopped at the Dollar General and loaded the goodies into the truck, I glanced at my artsy fartsy license plate and my plates and registration expire. TODAY. I email Steve and inform him that I have a date with a certain machine at the DMV. After I pass out fliers and finger puppets at ArtBeat in the rain (it was a blast) my friend Patrice and her daughters take me to my car and I drive home. After scarfing down microwave mac and cheese, Steve (bless his heart) takes me to the DMV machine, expecting to zip in and zip out. HA! There's a freaking line. I'm laughing because the automated renewal machine speaks loudly and slowly. "The Fast and Efficient Way to renew your registration and plates." HA. A half-hour later Steve and I take our turn at the screen, with scowling people in the back of the line. This was nerve-wracking... talk about pressure, the potty-training-at-gunpoint syndrome. You could feel the stress in the line. Anyway, now I'm legal again and we paid homage to the golden arches to celebrate. Good night!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading my entries. I am very excited to share my words with you. I wasn't sure what to name my blog, so I took this title from a collection of poetry I composed a few years ago. It was either that or zen blog. I thought Marimba and Ice was a little more original, so here it is! I attended my second Tae Kwon Do class tonight. It was tough but I am enjoying the challenge. Now if I can remember my left foot from my right... Good night!

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