Friday, December 30, 2005

Last Posting of 2005?

Hi there! I do not know if I will be blogging tomorrow---too much to do! Christmas was fabulous and I look forward to a stress-free New Year's weekend. Greenie the car is in the shop getting new brakes. (That's important). She's had more grooming in the last week than I have had in the last six months! Take care, Happy New Year, and I will be blogging away in 2006! Love, lolo xoxo

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Birthday Daddy and Merry Christmas Eve!

Hello Everyone! Today is my Dad's birthday! Happy birthday! And so he doesn't feel slighted by sharing Christmas Eve with the world and his older brother (born on the same day, one year apart)he will be spoiled rotten by his family (c'est nous)at noon. Am very excited to see my parents, sister and brother-in-law, and tomorrow, my parental in-laws! Have a Merry Merry Christmas and a Blogging New Year (nerd alert)! Love, Lolo

Friday, December 16, 2005

Fantastic Friday and Five Tips

Hi there! It's been a fantastic Friday.A friend came over and fixed the leaky dishwasher. My friends came over and cleaned my house. (It's my diva luxury to do monthly--at least the house is really clean rather than fake-housed once a month.) My beautiful mother picked me up and we went to lunch and put a serious dent in our Christmas shopping. Later, when I returned home Steve and I received three holiday packages from family and friends, which one of them I have opened already. It's a sickness.I can't stand to see wrapped presents. And I love to wrap presents. Here's some feedback for thought--do you like to linger and wait to open gifts or do you like to tear them open right away? Y'all know where I stand on this issue. My parents used to let my sister and I open a present from one of our relatives to keep us quiet until it was time to open the gifts. We're December 24 people. We like to sleep that night. Otherwise it's a sleepless night. Then I went to taekwondo and had a private lesson. It was nice and pressure-free. I am really enjoying it. I'm almost ready for my red tip and I need two to test for orange belt. This will probably happen in February. Five tips I learned today: Tip: Hire friends rather than strangers to fix stuff. It's more fun and you know you won't get financially fleeced. Tip: Hire friends rather than strangers to clean. It's more fun and you can trust your friends won't rummage through your stuff, although they may tease you for being the avenue slob. Mine do not. They rock! Tip: Do something nice for yourself! Get your nails done, get a massage, buy the movie you want, have your house cleaned once in awhile(this goes for the guys, too). You deserve it! Tip: Be thankful for the family and friends you have. I am so lucky. Tip: Go and grow at your own pace. You are in competition only with yourself. I learned this from grad school and I am currently re-learning this from taekwondo. Time to go back and wrap more presents. And see how long it takes before I cave in and open the other two packages... Love, lolo xoxo

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

hAppY wEdNeSdAy !

hI tHeRe, Thought it would be fun to wordplay with caps and lower case lettering. It's a good day. I put on my baby blue uggies and wandered through the snowdrifts five miles uphill each way to the hardware store to (finally!) send packages through UPS. Then I stomped five miles more uphill each way to a historical flower/gift shop to purchase a few holiday gifts. How fun! Actually, I'm being silly and both places are very close to the boulevard. So why not get a little exercise and save money and walk? aMuSiNg thought of the day: Do you ever notice the doorbell rings at the most inopportune times? I was in the basement finding shipping boxes and ding-dong the doorbell rings and I almost bulldoze over Latte the cat leaping up the steps and to the door. Well, the kindly postman left the package on the porch. Oh well. At least the phone didn't ring while I was in the ladies room. That's what answering machines and caller id's for. To cure our Pavlov Dog malady. I will Hi-YA today! Have a great day! Love, lOlO

Saturday, December 10, 2005

More snowy thoughts, reception, santa's little imp, and happy mileage to greenie!

Saturday Hello there, I am in my long robe contemplating a long winters nap. It's been a busy and positive week, and with the heavy snow and holiday season here, I'm happy for the most part. I tend to soak up other people's vibes, emotions, and stress, so I am weary today. A half-frozen cat rescue at the library yesterday also zapped my energy. I attended taekwondo this morning despite the fact I was a bit shy about returning. A stressful day combined with a stressful class resulted in tears earlier in the week. I didn't even stay to receive my black tip. I have to learn not to take myself so seriously! And humility and self-control are part of the program, so I sucked it up and went back. And of course, everyone was so wonderful and kind. The self is the worst critic, hmmm? Anyway, the positive energy from the school rubbed off on me. Walking on my the way back from class,a young college student was very flustered and frustrated(sounds familiar). Her car was plowed in from the snow. With a couple of kindly neighbors, we were able to dig out the snow, scrape and squirt her car windows with de-icer, and help her open her frozen car door. She was able to break free and drive around the block to a cleared space. Mission successful. I drove on my merry way to Walgreen's, picked up scripts and goodies there, resisted the temptation to purchase the magazines, and drove home. Friday: the night before Last night was terrific. Steve and I were invited to a reception for a friend's published book. We are so proud of him! I was also very excited to see inga, my friend from Vermont. I just love her! We were able to be so silly, too, which I needed since I wandered into the land of ultra responsibility (a branch) this fall. We also purchased the book the hole in me since the day you died. Inside the book are seven stories of people who have lost loved ones and their recovery through art. The paintings are both beautiful and haunting. We also listened to the stories of the seven people at the reception. Wow. Talk about inner strength and resilience. Tonight I will be Santa Martha's (my mother) little imp and decorate her real evergreen. (She does have a fancy toilet-brush tree in the living room). That's all for now... oh, and Greenie turned 46,000 miles today! Happy Mileage to you, Greenie! -xoxo lolo

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Toilet Brush Tree

Hello there, My uncle always calls artifical trees toilet brush trees. Yup, we own one. After Javacat sabotaged our $19.99 Target toiletbrush model, we bought a nicer one and learned to put the tree in a closed room. Sorry, Java (she still is sweet). Last year I was in school and in uber scrooge mode so the tree didn't even surface. This year the tree is in the studio. I even took the trash out in below-freezing weather so I could admire our handiwork in the window. Not bad. Need one more string of white lights, but otherwise, it looks pretty good. The Griswalds in the boulevard will be proud that we even have a tree up this year. Maybe next year, we can even string lights outside. Or maybe not--that means we'll have to take them down. Too much work. Slovenly Yours, Love Lolo xoxo

Friday, December 02, 2005

Happy December!

Happy Snowy Day, It's my Friday off and I had all these wonderful intentions to decorate the house so I am not the avenue scrooge. At least my Halloween decorations are down---wait, I didn't put anything up! (heh heh heh.) Am I the only one that does NOT have her holiday tree up? This year we will put it in the studio. The living room is an open invitation for a cat-a-strophic tree assault. I had all these intentions on doing a bit more shopping. I did, a little bit... click type click click hmmmm click type information add to cart click check out. I also wrote a few more holiday cards. Overall, I have a good handle on my shopping, but always aspire to do better. I resign to the fact that I resemble a slovenly little elf rather than Madame Claus and spend the afternoon snuggled in my bed with visions of sugarplums (have you ever seen a sugarplum?) dancing over my head. (Plus I have a snout-ache. Probably from all that intense online shopping.) Enjoy the snow. It's lovely! Love, Lolo

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