Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Operation Hair Chop Parts One and Two

Hello there, Right now as I am blogging, I have a woven braid stuffed inside a manilla envelope ready to mail to Locks of Love, a non-profit organization devoted to making wigs for children who suffer from hair loss. Not only is donating my hair a fun and meaningful thing to do, but the damaged long hair represents the stresses I have experienced in the past year. Here's the highlights (pardon the pun) of Operation Hair: Operation Hair Chop Part #1: Cut at Sandy's. My hairdresser made sure I was ready to do this and made me promise I would not cry if she cut it. I was so ready for a change. I did get the lecture somewhat like going to the dentist and getting the lecture of not flossing one's teeth enough. I was not taking care of my hair as I should have been. True. There was too much to handle. Too many snarls, too many drain clogs (ugh), too much money spent on conditioner just to get a comb through it! And there's more to living than my stupid hair. I just wanted to be done with it. Snip snip snip. Done. My head feels like it is going to float off of my shoulders. What a weight off my neck! So light and free! I'm free! I have a long chin-length bob that is parted on the side... no bangs. I can't do bangs very well. I come clean and tell my hairdresser that I wanted her to cut my hair but I am going to get my hair colored somewhere else tomorrow. She took it very well. (My mother, President and co-founder of the Hair Squad, advised me to go. I thought doing the cut at one place and the color at another would be a good compromise.) I visited my friends after the salon and they loved my hair. It was a nice affirmation. I am waiting for Steve to arrive home. Hopefully he will like the style. (He's under the assumption that I am going to shave my head or something.) Operation Hair Chop Part #2: Color This will be continued after I have my hair colored tomorrow before work. It will be interesting. What color do you think I will have? Love, Lolo

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Happy Sunday Evening

Hi there, We've officially placed our house on a diet. (Yes, there's a book called putting your house on a diet or something like that.) It's a great feeling to let go of stuff that is taking up space and causing stress. And we don't need any more stress! Speaking of stress, I need to color my hair soon--too many wisdom strands sprouting quickly like a chia head... except in sparkling silver. (Okay, I admit green would be freaky.) It's not a madam bride-of-frankenstein chic streak anymore. It's like the attack of the silver spidery strands sticking out front and center! At first I thought it was cool and wise. Whatever. Now it's getting old (pardon the pun.) Time to hit the bottle in a brown paper bag. (You're thinking of another kind of bottle, n'est pas?) Steve and I went to church this morning. It was interesting. I was somewhat coherent at 8:30a.m. on a Sunday morning. And we behaved. Somewhat. I drew a few penciled flowers on the program and Steve and our friend (who shall NOT be named) was remarking how one of the speakers resembled Adam West from Batman the TV show. Very interesting. We brunched at Spooner's (a favorite haunt), and Steve went into the basement to clean. (I did not send him there-he went willingly!) I took a nap (I worked yesterday) and after waking up, we cleaned a bit more and visited my folks for pizza. Have a great week! Love, LoLo

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday Musings

Hi there, Steve and I viewed V is for Vendetta with Natalie Portman at the movies last Sunday. It was based on the graphic novel--very interesting and controversial. We enjoyed it. My only complaint was that this theatre didn't have any Twizzlers! Hrumph. I will have to sneak them in. We did order the large diet coke to get the new Ice Age poster. :) I'm reading Flush by Carl Hiaasen and I'm almost done with it. I love his writing style. He always puts humor in his books. The plot always involves water and Florida, and the bad guys usually get what they deserve. We'll see in this one. I'm anxious to get into the garden. I don't want to clean up the yard yet... I'm afraid of another frost. I'll just have to dream about where to put what! Spring will truly be here before we know it! Definitely daisies, black-eyed Susans, and coneflowers in the yard. I love a good wildflower mix. And I will have a lot of greenery...plants and foliage this year. I don't want to attract too many bees. Thanks for reading my blog! Love, Lolo

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hello there, Did you wear your green today or risk being pinched? I wore a mint green sweater with the claddaugh earrings and pin. It was fun to see people dressed up in their Irish clothes. I also bought shamrocks on sale. I may plant them in my garden later this spring! I am also excited to share that I have been doing taekwondo for six months now! It has gone so fast! Next week will be spring and soon the flowers will be blooming. Have a great weekend! Love, Lolo

Friday, March 10, 2006

Spring is Near and a Haiku

Hello, there-- It's been so hectic and crazy lately, I am neglecting my blog! Is anyone looking forward to gardening season? I have simple plans this year and hope to keep them simple. It will be a zen garden, not a stress garden. ;) Here is a haiku from our weekend in Chicago: orange February sunrise on Lake Michigan soothes Chicago waves. I blogged my Hustle experience on my library's website: More later! Love, Lolo

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