Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Wednesday

Hello, there-- Hope you are having a good day! Any plans for the New Years? Steve and I will be visiting friends in Bremen to ring in 2007. It should be a fun time. Here's a quote from a fortune cookie: "Consider your impressions; follow them once in awhile." Lucky numbers 24,6,28,17,19,31 Have a good evening! Love, Lolo

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Thursday and Card Musings

Hi there, Yes, I have neglected this poor bloggie! I am almost caught up on my Christmas Cards...I just have Steve's grandmothers and great aunt to buy flowers for... I've noticed on some of my holiday cards that people neglect to use the word Love, so-and-so and instead, just place their name. It makes me kind of sad. I don't know if people sign their name Love in the 21st century, or if people are so stressed that they forget. What are your thoughts? I am grateful that friends and family still send cards. I hope that doesn't go away. Love, Lori

Friday, December 15, 2006

A Green Bird in a Toilet Brush Tree

(Actually, the green bird is in a real pine tree in my parent's family room. ) Hope your holiday season is going well. Mine is fine. I decorated the parental units Christmas tree tonight. It was fun going through and re-living the memory that hangs with each ornament on the tree. The ornaments that come to mind are from my Grandma Caskey. She was an antique store owner and made beautiful ornaments with glitter and fabric. My favorite ornament is an old green bird ornament with an orange beak. The green is starting to fade, but the memory stays strong. The wings are decorated (and I cannot remember the colors) and she gave it to me when I was young (around 9 years old). I promise I will study the ornaments closer to give you the reader better details about them. My ornaments on my tree are in the boxes... I misplaced the instructions on my toilet brush tree so I have limbs sticking out everywhere in my studio. Kind of reminds me of bedhead when one wakes up in the morning... Have a great weekend and happy decorating! Love, Lolo

Friday, December 08, 2006

December Cooties, Raisin Episode, and Scorch Strikes Again

Happy December! Geezer alert... another sinus story... wash your hands and don't pick your nose...luckily this story is NOT contagious. It's already December 7. Still working on those Christmas cards. Steve and I are sharing December cooties. Sinusitis (what else? it's my signature ailment. At least it's not head lice). I finally dragged us both to aftercare and saw the doctor together. (Aw... you say...) He gave us the same scripts, same dosage. Isn't that nice! The doctor said one of us has a worse case then the other. I asked him, "Who has the worst case?" (nyah nyah nyah--I'm more mature). Steve replied, "It's not a contest." (The kindly doctor never answered my question. Darn.) Well, I thought I'd be the nice wife and pack us both lunches for the next day. I open the cabinet to scavenge for a nice treat for us. Okay. Peanut butter for Steve, soynut for me, and RAISINS. Lots of them from the big red box. I pack us both a huge helping of raisins---something healthy to munch on---forgetting that, um, there are natural effects of raisins. (Think of prunes and you get the picture.) Well, I was feeling crummy on Thursday from the infection, the medicine, and yup, nature's little helper... the damn dirty raisins. Poor Steve was afflicted too. So Scorch struck again. Oops. Next time I'll pack the cheese.

National Lampoon's Garden Adventures, and Last Thoughts on 46

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