Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jack the Wondercat


Please say a prayer for Jack the Wondercat. We took him to the Animal ER tonight and the poor cat was put through the ringer. He was emasculated with the rectal thermometer, rubbed down with alcohol and sent to the back for x-rays. Then he was given a pill. Poor kitten. We have to take him to our regular v-e-t on Saturday for more tests. He either has pneumonia or heart disease, and has bladder stones. He also has elevated liver levels and will need a biopsy in the near future.

Yet Jack can still meow for tuna and even jumped up on the kitchen cabinets. He was such a good boy tonight.

I never realized how much a fifteen-pound bundle of joy can put life into perspective. Love every moment.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mighty Ducts and Cafepress

Dear Friends,
Please, if you haven't already, get your air ducts cleaned. We just had ours cleaned today and it was really bad. We have an old house and the previous owners did not clean them either.
Hopefully it will help Jack the cat and I with our asthma. (I've been sick off and on all month.)
If you refer Mighty Ducts to someone else and you fill out a form, they will send you a $20.00 check. I am trying to obtain my doctor's home address so they will send him a check.
Thank you Dr. Q!
Also, I have been stir-crazy lying around getting better, so I ventured online and started an online shop called JavaCat, the starlet on your left, is one of the featured kitties adorning products in my shop.
Take care and think spring!
Love, Lolo

Sunday, February 18, 2007

100th Blog Posting!

Hello all! Yes, it's time to celebrate! It's my 100th official posting on marimba and ice. Blogging is a lot of fun and the comments show that people are reading this. It's also great to hear from family and friends who "lurk" on my blog and tell me later that they read to keep up... Steve just complemented on what a good little goober I am. Do you want to know a secret of true nerd love? I am watching episodes of Star Trek with Steve without too many smart-a** comments. It's really difficult. He makes me waffles on Sundays, so keeping mum is the least I can do. I get to goof off (I mean play library) today. What I mean by goof off, is that I don't have to be C-I-C (Chic-in-Charge). There are enough people who regularly play there so I can relax a little more. I'll still work my library buns off, though. Have a good week. Try to stay warm and hang in there--Spring is almost here! Love, Lolo

Saturday, February 17, 2007

NewTemplate and the Big Heave

Hi There! I upgraded my blog and it has a different look. Hope you like it! A funny thing happened on Thursday. Jack the Wondercat has been a little gimpy lately, so he has to take Prednizone. Steve attempts to crumple and hide the pills in tuna, so we call it "tuna time." Well, Jack is getting wise to us and is spitting the pills out. So, Steve attempts to fix it by giving Jack Prednizone in cheese. American cheese. Lots of cheese. A plethora of frickin' cheese. It is Thursday morning and my morning to sleep in. Ha! I hear horrible coughing at the foot of the bed. (Mind you, I am still sleeping in bed.) Then I hear this horrible gagging sound and yep-you got it-the big heave. All over the foot of the bed. All the way through to the mattress. And on the floor. The poor cat groaned and showed a bit of shame by hiding under the bed. He groans and gets sick under the bed. We find out the hard way that Jack has lactose issues. After his dramatic groaning and hurling, Jack saunters downstairs an proceeds to eat breakfast. Lovely. That's my boy! Now I'm up and exhausted, and Steve is helping me with the sheets and clean up. Now it is much more amusing than Thursday. On a more appetizing note, I finished a great read by Nicholas Sparks entitled Dear John. It's a speedy and meaningful read, and on the Best Sellers List. More later-- Have a great weekend. :) Love, Lolo

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Big Sleep

Good morning, It's been awhile since I posted. I had a slight asthmatic episode on Wednesday combined with an upper respiratory infection. So I've been sleeping for the last two days. I didn't even get dressed yesterday. Time to shower and relax. My body is telling me to SLOW DOWN... and breathe. And slowly I am returning to the world. And getting the stupid air ducts cleaned in the house. Hey, I can sacrifice 200+ dollars for clean air. If it means we'll be healthier, it's all worth it. Have a good weekend, Love, Lolo

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy February and da Bears!

Hi There, Happy February! Welcome to a winter wonderland. It's actually pretty outside. I never thought I'd be watching the superbowl for the football game. I am a Chicago girl at heart, so I had to root for da Bears! Steve and I partied with my parents: homemade soup, diet coke, a warm fire, and blankets. Mmmm... quite relaxing. And Prince rocked! He looks the same as he did when I was a teenager! Have a good evening! Stay warm! Love, Lolo P.S. I perused a book (nerd alert) while the game was going on. It's called Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark. I must buy a copy for my personal collection.

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