Hello, Tuesday Night, Operation Hair Chop, and Vampires


Another beautiful day in Metropolis. I have tomorrow off and am excited to play in the yard and finish a few projects. The stone massage and operation hair chop last week was fab. It's short,sassy and wild art hair!

Javacat is the model for this blog post, especially since I am talking about a fiction book about vampires.

I'm reading another book called You Suck: A Love Story by Christopher Moore. It's tres edgy. The reviewers are comparing Christopher Moore to Kurt Vonnegut. And I love the quote by Carl Hiaasen, who is one of my favorite writers: Christopher Moore is a very sick man, in the best sense of the word.

It's a book to bite into. (Couldn't resist.) His website is www.christophermoore.com.
Moore later. (Tee hee hee.)


usuallyemily said…
let's see a photo of your cool art hair!
Lolo said…
Hi Em!
There's one coming!

Love, Lori
Jenn said…
I also would like to see a photog of the artsy hair!

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