Friday, March 09, 2007

Spring is Near and Painted Toes


It feels so good today! The sun is happy, the sky is clear, and the snow is lazily melting away. I did the lolo stomp around the block four times. And I will be doing taekwondo tonight (again) Hi-YA! And tonight it will be with painted toes, dahling. I was tired of looking down at my naked toenails. Now I'll feel more gurl power when I hit the boards. (I need to break more before graduating to Blue Belt.)

The nail polish color I am wearing on my toes is called Vampire State Building. Check out the great lacquers (fancy for polish) on I didn't find vampire state building online, so they must have named it something else.

I will be working on writing and housework later this evening... but not too late because of working tomorrow...

TGIF! Love, Lolo

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