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Saturday Belt Day

Hi! Sponseller's Taekwondo Academy rocks! After one challenging workout in the morning, the testing ceremony in the afternoon,four broken boards later, and a sore left foot, I left the purple belt behind and graduated to blue. I am excited, proud, and relieved. And I took a long nap on the porch afterwards. I am filled with gratitude to my sensai, Master Jerry Sponseller, Ms.(and Master)Lari Sponseller, the staff, fellow students, friends, and family. Love, Lolo

Freaky Friday Morning

Hello! It was a hectic morning but there was a lesson to be learned today. I woke up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed this a.m., only to be treated to a lukewarm shower. (Hubby's already expressed his regret and sorrow for using all the hot water, so he's off the hook). I realize I have to gas Greenie up before taking her to the car hospital for the 52,000 mile checkup. Oh, joy. At the gas station there is a line and the pre pay credit machines weren't working properly. So when I am waiting to gas up in the rain after I prepaid, the cashier announces for me to come in and prepay for gas. I already did! So I go back in, explain the situation, and she activates the pump for me. Great, I have only ten minutes to get to Greenie's Hospital. Grrr. A car cuts me off as I am pulling out to catch the light. I keep both paws on the steering wheel(resisting the occasional urge to make eye contact or form any kind of naughty gesture). Of course, the light is red. No left…

Happy Tuesday

I had a great day. My husband is the best. My next door neighbors brought me tulips and a card for my upcoming award in May. My column is accepted in ByLine Magazine as an occasional filler piece. That is one step forward to being a columnist. Thanks to all of you who told me to get moving and start writing. I haven't forgotten my book, in fact the copy is almost written. I think I will submit it like a blog, with photos at the top of each story. Love, Lolo

Happy Monday!

Hi! I hope you had a chance to enjoy this beautiful weekend! I worked most of it, but still had fun! There are a lot of positive things that happened this weekend. The weather, the fact one of my friends gave birth to a beautiful son, my friend's granddaughter brought a handwritten picture, flowers and a rock for me so I saw it on my porch when I came home, my friends took us out to dinner, and I was able to get out into the yard and plan for it this summer. Also, the kitties were so cute on the porch this weekend. And my husband made me waffles on Sunday! He rocks! And my friend dolled me up so I won't break the camera for photographs for my award. More later! Love, Lolo

Happy Weekend, Expresso, and Blades of Glory


I cannot believe it is almost April 15 and it feels like we have travelled backwards in weather time! It's like March lion madness or something. Let's see what's going on since the last time I posted. You may not have read this, but my husband took Expresso to the Humane Society last week. I'm so glad he did. It was hard on us since we became attached, but we are not in the position to handle a house full of kittens. Since it was bitter cold on Wednesday, he took her in just in time. She is safe and it was confirmed that she was with kittens. My husband had a birthday last week, I took a djembe lesson, attended two taekwondo lessons, and we watched a hilarious movie tonight. It's called Blades of Glorywith Will Ferrell and John Heder. It's about ice skating. And since my sister and I both took ice skating lessons as kids, it was even funnier. Like why would Will Ferrell be running on concrete with his skates on? That's horrible on ice blades! (You'll…

Drumming and Cat Drama

It's been an interesting week (as always). I started drum classes again on Monday evenings. It's very exciting to get back into it. Need to purchase a djembe (African drum).
This week we suspected that our outside cat, Expresso, is expecting. She seems larger on some days than others (kittens are moving around). She was in the process of building a nest behind one of the bushes in the front yard. With the cold weather snap we are experiencing, there is no way we are going to let her have kittens in the front yard. Steve called the Humane Society and they said to bring her in. Monday Expresso was gone. We were afraid she had her kittens already.
Wednesday morning she appeared in the backyard near the pond where she was happily munching on a bird (gross--I know it's nature but ewww!). Steve went outside, fed her cat food, and then placed her in a box. She happily jumped back out and looked at him. He then asked me to get a lid to place over the box (mind you, I am also…