Thursday, July 19, 2007

Storms, Harry Potter, and Looming Birthday


What's new... hmmm...
I'm on VA-CA-TION! And so hap-py! (If I had a tail, I would be wagging it right now). I love what I do, but needed time off. Yay.

Mother Nature finally unleashed her wrath and pummeled Northern Indiana with a series of killer storms! I appreciated the fact that she waited until the parentals and I returned home from dinner at Lunker's and settled in for a relaxing evening with Steve and cats.

We saw the new Harry Potter movie. It's wonderful! We will see it again. The newest book will be arriving on my doorstep on Saturday morning. I cannot wait!

So today I slept, went to taekwondo, and slept again. The cats joined me and we had a cat siesta. Purr, snore, slumber. I started organizing the bathroom cabinet and have a cleaning list for the store.

Will go back for more taekwondo tonight since I will be off for my birthday tomorrow. Yay. Steve is giving me his wooden sword to use. I also have a bow staff.
Very cool.

More later.

Love, Lolo

P.S. Steve, thank you for bugging me about keeping up with the blog.

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