Saturday, September 01, 2007

Greenie's Revolt Revisited (GRR)

Hi, This is another story to add to my book... I hope you like it. I have many of my stories in a file and ready to get really down to the nitty gritty writing bizness. (Yes, I know I misspelled bizness. Yup. I just did it again.) Love, Lolo Greenie's Revolt Revisited (GRR) This is the second time Greenie is being literally a pain in the rear. I just returned from a beautiful but really sad funeral service, and waited to drive to the nearest gas station to fill up before I could return home and collapse (mind you, I was attacked by the sinus gremlins. This was a wicked infection.) I prepay at my favorite gas station and press the button to release the gas gage. It's very loose. Nope. I tried again. Nope. I even pull on it and the truck lid opens. But there is no way in hell that this gas gage was going to budge. I even tried to pry it open with my key. Great, why don't I break my key and really get myself stuck? Even the kindly station attendant looks at it. He tries it. Nope. I've been good to Greenie and not used diesel fuel in four years. Hmm. So I get my credit back for the gas not used. Is Greenie dieting and not telling me? Anyhow, I go home and change clothes and call my friend at the car hospital. I'm worried I'll run out of gas before we arrive. He tells me I can bring in my car on one notch of gas. (I was one above E. I always get neurotic when the gage drops below half.) Well, I drive to the car hospital and the prognosis was grim: The cable inside was broken, so it was expensive. Plus add in an oil change (sigh). So I leave Greenie there and take the shuttle van home. I am exhausted from the day, the heat, and the stress, so I go to sleep with nurse Jack purring next to me. Thank goodness he licks my nose and does not have suspicious cat breath. A couple of hours later the kindly car hospital called. I remember picking up the phone but I do not remember the conversation. I realize this later after the person from the car hospital is laughing as he hands me my keys. Steve takes me there at closing time. Apparently the cab shuttle arrived at my house at 4:00p.m., but I forgotten and just slept through it. Oops. I pay for Greenie's surgery and we immediately drive to the nearest gas station. The gas light goes on! Oh, no! (I never let the gas light go on in the car. I am a moral, responsible wom--oh whatever.) It was liberating in a way, letting the gas light go on and driving anyway. And Greenie didn't let me down. Steve pumped gas for me and we wagon -trained home into the sunset.

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