Happy Thanksreading: Cool Green Stuff

Hi! Here's the blog I will post to the library's website. (www.libraryforlife.org.)

More blogs soon!

I hope you enjoyed a restful and peaceful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. If you are joining the masses of crowds for the annual Friday midnight-or-morning-after Thanksgiving shopping spree, I hope you find the best parking space and the perfect sale!

If you are like me who tends to be crowd shy and considers sleeping a hobby to perfect, I would recommend Green Cool Stuff to accompany you on your on-line quest for the perfect and green holiday gift. Dave Evans, a photographer from Australia, includes fabulous websites featuring recycled objects starting from beach necklaces created from bits of plastic found on a beach to vertical gardens by Patrick Blanc. My personal favorite is the giggles bracelets made from discarded Barbie dolls. Check it out!


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