Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sleepy Weekend

(This is a photograph of Latte taking an intense nap this fall.)

This weekend I spent time with my parents,Steve, the library, and with my friends. One of our friends hosted a slumber party for their 8-year-old twins. It was a riot. They gave us pizza and sweet white wine. Okay, I only drank two glasses.(I wasn't driving.)

In-between the busy weekend, I slept. A lot. Probably too much, but I'm perfecting a new hobby. Probably with all the recent events in my life.

One of my girlfriends treated me to breakfast this morning. (Thank you.) I spent a lot of time this afternoon/evening with Mom and Dad...the silver is polished for Thanksgiving.

I'm steeling myself for the holidays. It will be emotional this year.

It's time for another nap. Oh, wait, it's bedtime. Sweet dreams...

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