Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Beautiful Day


It's been a happy Tuesday! Mom is doing well with chemotherapy. It's working!

That's the best news I've learned in a long time. :) Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Please keep them coming her way.

I had a productive day, good news, and a warm homecooked meal (Mama Sigety's stew.)
It's wonderful to have a beautiful day.


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BreathinSteven said...

A beautiful little post, Lolo... I think about your Mom every day -- she's in my thoughts and prayers... I think about her again if I'm having grape jam on whatever I'm having for breakfast (or sometimes at dinner...)

The past few days it has been a little unusual on the garlic naan -- I won't say bad because the grape jam makes pretty much everything better (even a spoon)...

Give her a hug for me next time you see her!



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