Sunday, January 20, 2008

Essay for Taekwondo: Part Two

Here's the next segment. (It's easier and less daunting for me to write in pieces.) Love, Lolo Upon entering the school, I was hesitant, insecure, and vulnerable. As a person who was not particularly athletic and was the last proverbial student to be picked on the athletic teams in school, I had my concerns. Will I get hurt? Are the instructors mean? Does this program encourage people to learn how to fight? At this writing, I am happy to report that, no, I did not get hurt, no, the instructors are kind and patient, and no, the program encourages people to work on the self, only to use techniques learned in self-defense. In my opinion, Martial Arts students are people from all ages and backgrounds who come together to work on developing the self--mind, body, and soul--so we can be better people, contributing and positive members of society. Like the instructors, Martial Arts students are humble and kind and always want to assist.

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