Wednesday, February 06, 2008

cactus flower for happy inga day

(Spiral Cactus Flower II, 2006)


Hope you are having a good day. It was a rough one for me--very busy and very snowy. This is the time of year where I pull out the Hawaiian tropic sunning oil, put a dab on my arms and smell like summer at the beach. I am also drawn to flowers and nature, which is why I have enclosed a photograph of a cactus flower I took a couple of years ago in Michigan.

I met two artists last night who inspired me to revisit some of the photography I have done recently. One is a sculptor and one is a photographer. Steve and I visited their studio and it was so much fun. Their hospitality and good vibes are amazing. If you want to know who these artists are, send me an email and I will send you their names and websites. (I want to protect privacy on this blog.)

I'm also giving a shout out to my friend inga, who is celebrating her birthday today! Happy happy inga day!

More Later,
Love, Lolo

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