Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Night Scribe: Blogging by Candlelight

(Jack the Cat with Remote, February 2008)


It's actually been almost a week since my last posting! Perhaps a case of mid-winter writer's block? No... I was writing in a different capacity last week; cranking out two reports: a monthly narrative and a nineteen-page annual report for libraryland. So glad it's done and off my back so I can come back to writing more blogs.
One night last week, Jack the Cat was sitting in an upright position like a human. So, we slipped the remote controller under his paw and took this photograph. I wonder what TV show he was watching?
Last night, we hosted film night with a women's group and it was so much fun! There were about fifteen of us...and Steve.(He hid after sampling the food.) We had an anti-Valentine theme and watched the following movie entitled The Shape of Things. It's arty, based on a stage play, and quite cynical. I enjoyed it. The four main characters were a trip. The soiree ended last night, or should I say this morning at 1:15 a.m. Having friends hang around late (or early) is a sign of a happy party. :)
This morning I paid for my late-night entertaining. The Saturday morning taekwondo was especially brutal for me; but I love and appreciate the cardio. We were rolling on mats, running and doing flying sidekicks (which was fun) on top of bagwork (which was hard for me today.)
I feel so much better after being there, no matter how tired I am from the week, feeling stronger in mind-body-spirit.
I am currently reading a book I found on the blog and requested it to be ordered for libraryland:
To-Do List by Sasha Cagen. (Info about Sasha and the book is listed here.) It's a compilation of lists written and sent by people from all proverbial walks of life from the basic grocery list to the meaning -of-life lists. (I learned I am not the only one who writes a list after the tasks are completed, as scratching them off is such a feeling of accomplishment!)
I find that creating lists gets the random thoughts out of my head and onto the page and therefore I am controlling the tasks (instead of the reverse.) This is a wise tip from Steve.
Here is my To-Do List for Tomorrow:
1.) Sleep in
2.) Eat Breakfast
3.) Read Sunday paper (possibly in the p.m. if I sleep too late.)
4.) Check Email (same as #3)
5.) Get ready for Church (10 a.m.)
6.) Attend Services (Faith Apostolic this week.)
7.) Go to mall and get a real cell phone
8.) Pay Bills
9.) Practice forms for Taekwondo
10.) Clean master bedroom
11.) Ice skate
12.) Prepare for the week (write another list of what I need to do.)
That should be enough for tomorrow. ;)
P.S. Greenie turned 60,000 miles today!


Hooton Family said...

I am a list creater! Will have to check out the book. I too put things on my lists after they are done just to cross them out. Also create lists for things to do later in the week before the current list is finished! Thought I was alone guess not :) roanna

durfy said...


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