Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good Food, Good Friend, and a Good Book!


It's been a lovely Saturday. Steve, Kumi the car, and I traveled to visit a friend on the U of M campus. It was an uneventful trip but the campus was amazing! The architecture was beautiful. Chandeliers, stained glass windows, ornate buildings, and wood everywhere.

We had lunch at this wonderful local Mexican restaurant and then checked out the libraries (yes, there's more than one)and a couple of bookstores. Then, we left for home in the afternoon, dined at a local restaurant, greeted the kitties, and then took a long walk. (Since Steve drove, I encouraged him to rest and I walked a couple more times around the boulevard.)Campus photos are forthcoming.

During the car ride and dinner, I managed to finish a wonderful read by Nina Siegal. It's entitled A Little Trouble with the Facts. It's about a woman, Valerie Vane, a journalist who claws her way to the top and then after an incident, is demoted to an entry level position writing obituaries. Then, she receives an anonymous telephone call. If you want to know more... read the book!

Hope you have a lovely Sunday.


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