Monday, April 14, 2008

Trip to Chicago: Friday

(Colorful Lake Michigan 1 & 2, LCS 2008)

Staeve and I enjoyed a lovely and uneventful drive to Chicago last Friday. The weather was beautiful! We stopped to eat in Michigan City and then arrived to Chi-town five minutes after Princess Clotheshorse arrived. After Prince Drfi arrived home, we changed into our fancy clothes and took a cab down to Millennium Park to dine at Park Grill. It is a lovely restaurant with tasty food. So I won't offend my vegetarian friends, I won't say exactly what I selected. After the meal, we took a cab back to Chez Clotheshorse, enjoyed the lakeside view, and watched an episode of The Hardy Boys, pondering why we swooned over Shaun Cassidy in the first place.

More Later!
Love, Lolo

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