Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

(Cubbies bean bag toss. LCS/2008)

Saturday I played library and although I love what I do, the day went so so slowly. Then I drove home, finished packing,and drove up to my sanctuary... Gravel Lake.

We spent time with family and just hung out. We also played a game of bean bag toss, the fetuses (Drfi and I were preemies) versus the fully-baked team (my sister and Steve). The full-baked crowd won one game and the fetuses won one game.

Monday we picked out flowers, enjoyed a bike ride around the lake, enjoyed a quiet meal, and then drove home.


Friday, May 23, 2008

How's My Driving? Call 1-800-Scorch

(Gravel Lake Trails, LCS 2008)


I'm currently sitting in my pajamas and writing out the highlights from my day. I certainly hope I will be able to crawl out of bed and drag my exhausted self to library land tomorrow. I'm sore already.

This morning I had "caw fee ta wk" with my father and we basically took over the grocery store. Mom had an extensive organized list, although she spelled "kiwi" like "quioui". In her defense, it was 5:00 a.m. when she made the list and she probably didn't have her coffee yet. I'm amazed anyone can function that early at all!

Anyhow, Dad went through the list and I drove the cart. At one point,while searching for specific fruits and vegetables not unlike scavenger hunts we had as children, Dad left the cart,with my purse, unattended.

"Dad! My purse! You have to stay with the cart!" I exclaimed.
"Oh. Okay," Dad replied.

When I was foraging for Kiwi (not Quioui) and left Dad alone with my big black purse, one of the employees joked with him and told him it matched his sweatshirt nicely.

So Tweedledee and Tweedledum traipsed through the shopping aisles unsupervised. At one point, Dad took great delight in whistling "Here, girl! Come on, girl!" and I replied that the height of the cart was exactly the height of his behind and all it would take is a little nudge. (And with all the groceries piled on, it was pretty heavy). Then I told him,"We need a sign for this cart. How's my driving?Call 1-800-Scorch).

So after we found our treasure trove of munchies, Dad asked me to go to the floral shoppe in the store and pick out flowers for Mom. So I did, and as the cashier was ringing up the groceries, I gave my best pageant wave with the bouquet and said, "I would like to thank the academy..." and she started laughing.

So, after our excursion at the grocery store, I purchased begonias (and was reiumbursed),helped Dad plant them in the yard, and then returned to my own yard and started a wildflower garden.
Then I attended an intense taekwondo session. (More details about that in another post, but I'm spent). Now it's jammies and a little writing here, and a little blogging there. Now I need to pack for the lake...

Have a Great Holiday Weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Simple Act of Kindness

Hi, I wanted to share with you a simple act of kindness that occurred today: I frequent a restaurant called King Gyros that is near my work. I enjoy dining there because of the roomy booths and because of the people who work there. (They know I'm from the library because I'm always bringing a book with me to read while I eat). Well, there was a really nice police officer who sat in the booth behind me and I said hello and he said hello. Like all the officers in my area, I ask how's the beat and he said he was done with his shift, so he was doing well. I wished him well and told him to please be careful on the streets. I returned to the branch and started working in my cave (aka office). About ten minutes later, the officer arrives and hands one of my staff my black cardigan sweater! I left it at the restaurant on accident, and the staff told him where I worked. That small act of kindness from the staff for finding my sweater and knowing where I work and the officer making a special trip to return it really made my evening. That is customer service! Love, Lolo

Monday, May 19, 2008

Boca Burger Blog: Musings from the Weekend

(Boca Burgers image courtesy of

It's been a fun weekend. Friday I had my girlfriends over while Steve escaped and went to his weekly Friday night outing. (He is either gaming here or at a friend's house). Saturday I played library and Saturday night was the night of the annual "Big Eat" at our friend's house. I brought the host my annual gift of frozen Boca Burgers (he is an omnivore) to taint his grill. I bring it over and he has a dramatic fit. It's now a tradition, even though I am no longer a vegetarian. I selected the vegan variety to really annoy and vex. (It worked). We played the video game Rock Band until after midnight. Then we finally left.

Sunday I played conga drums in church and then took a long nap at home. I worked out in the front yard for a couple of hours. Tonight after library I finished the book Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin and then trotted around the boulevard for over a half hour. Now I'm blogging and ready to unwind. Latte learned a new trick: she pulls the clean folded laundry (my flannel pajamas in particular) from the couch ledge with one paw raised while she is lying down. After she drags the pajamas down, she curls up for a nap. That's all for now. :)


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vegas Adventures: Part Seven

(LV Hotel Room, 2008)
So this is where our adventure ends. We leave lovely LV and enjoy a smooth plane ride home to the cold and rain. But we are home. I can see my husband and kitties and sleep in my own bed.
I had a wonderful wonderful time! Let's see... Minneapolis in March, Chicago in April, Las Vegas in May, maybe I'll spend June at Gravel Lake.

Vegas Adventures: Part Six

(Le Reve, LCS 2008)
(Inside Le Reve, LCS 2008)
Saturday Night
We dressed, hung out at the casino for a little while, and then enjoyed dinner at the Cafe Bellagio. Afterwards, we took a cab to The Wynn, where Cirque de Soleil was performing Le Reve. (It's now a tradition that we see a show on Saturday night). And as always, I am so sophisticated in my little black dresses that something always happens while I am wearing one. Last time we came to LV, we dined at Emeril's and instead of the Sesame Seed Chicken, I accidentally ordered the Sesame Street Chicken (as in Big Bird). My brother-in-law had a lot of fun with that one. Tonight, as we are getting out of the cab, I cannot unfasten my seat belt in the back seat. The cab driver had to help me out of the seat belt and out of the car. And in my haste to exit this vehicle that is holding me hostage, my skirt hikes up and my lovely black body thinner shows for the world to see. Nice. Next trip here I am wearing pants.

On with the show. We are in the fifth row close to the aisle. It is beautiful. There is acrobatics, dancing, water, lights, smoke, live music, strong bodies, suspense, humor It is a great show. Definitely eye candy. It is a treat. One part circus (sans animals) one part theatre.

Vegas Adventures: Part Five

(Dale Chihuly, LCS 2008)

(Chihuly Glass, LCS 2008)

Saturday Afternoon
We spent most of the day strolling through the Bellagio shops looking for souvenirs for our poor husbands we left behind. I found a cool black T-shirt for Steve from the musical Spamalot, which is based on Monty Python. We also wanted fresh air, so we stepped outside into the pool area and it was full of people perfecting their tans, reading, relaxing, etc. Someone we saw by accident was Dale Chihuly. He's the artist who made the gorgeous glass that adorns the ceiling in the Bellagio. He has an interesting look about him. Anyway, there was a line about two hours long and I was not patient enough to wait. (But I did snap a photograph). Iwant to learn more about him and his art. After awhile, we visited the casino (cha-ching) and then returned to the room to dress up for Cirque de Soleil.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Vegas Adventures: Part Five

Saturday Afternoon We learned that Dale Chihuly was going to be signing books at the Bellagio today. He's the artist who has the exquisite glass on the ceiling at the Bellagio. When we came back from perusing the gift stores, there was a huge line. I am an impatient person, so there was no way I was going to wait that long to have his book signed. I did wave at him and sneak a photograph to put on my blog. He reminds me of Hagrid from Harry Potter. I do need to find a book about him and his works of art. We mostly shopped and relaxed at the casino until it was time for Le Reve.

Vegas Adventures: Part Four

(Bellagio Water Show, LCS 2008)

Early Saturday Morning
It's early Saturday morning at the Bellagio and I am writing from outside our room in a small brown chair and table. I am on caffeine overload because I tossed and turned a lot last night. Perhaps it was from too much excitement from the casinos! (A kindly man passed by in the hallway and asked me if I was taking notes. I told him I was a blogger. He smiled.) It's 5:30 a.m. our time and 2:30 a.m. Vegas time. We're going to dress up today and see Le Reve. It's a Cirque de Soleil show. I started reading a book by Nora Ephron called Crazy Salad with an introduction by Steve Martin. It's pretty good. The stories are based on her columns in the early 1970's. (A twenty-something passes by. He has dark hair and is wearing a rumpled long-sleeved shirt and jeans. She is a blonde in a short black dress and stilletos. Both appear a bit tipsy.) After reading a bit more, I sneak back into our room and fall asleep. We wake up about two hours later.

Vegas Adventures: Part Three

(Umbrellas at the Bellagio, LCS 2008)

I slept in while Mom and sis foraged for coffee, diet coke, and bagels. When I finally woke up, I looked out the window and admired the spectacular view, and got dressed for the day. The bathroom here is magnificent! It's as large as my bedroom at home. The bathroom is adorned in shades of brown, with tile, with a deep tub on one side, and shower on the other. There are two sinks in the bathroom as well, so two people can get ready at once.

After the girls returned, we dressed and ate breakfast at the Cafe Bellagio (this is turning into our favorite eating place). Tip: If you sign up for the Players Club, you get to use the left line which has a significantly shorter wait than the right one.

After breakfast, we headed downstairs to the casino. I wanted to get a pedicure for two reasons: one, because I didn't have a chance to do them before we left, and two, so I could be sure to bring something tangible home! I made an appointment with Kim at 10:00 a.m., and it was wonderful! I enjoyed a tasty latte while waiting, and then had my hooves pampered and toes painted red. Actually, it was called Keys to My Karma. I love Opi nail polish. Their marketing department is great. The names for the polish are so catchy. It was also neat to meet Kim. She is an artist, and was interested in library science. I told her about art librarians. Halfway through my pedicure, Mom enters the spa and rummages through my purse. I accidentally took both of our cell phones with me today. (They are both Pink Centennial phones). Oops.

After my hooves were groomed, we needed fresh air so the three of us trolled outside. It was 90 degrees of desert heat. We traipsed to the new mall across the street in search of new sandals. We looked all over. Too pricy, too narrow, too high (I can't do stillettos),this Cinderella was looking for dreamy sandals to wear to the show! Anyhow, this new mall was kind of lame, so we visited Caesar's Palace where the sky changes, although the show was under construction. (LV had a lot of construction this time around.) We then trotted back to the Bellagio, visited the casino, had a light snack, and then visited Noodles, an Asian place. We tucked into bed around 10p.m. It was an early evening.

Vegas Adventures: Part Two

(View from Our Room, LCS 2008)

  • I realized that this is my sixth trip to Las Vegas (LV)! I've been to LV three times with Steve and stayed at Treasure Island, and three times with my mother and sister. We stayed once at New York, New York, and twice at the Bellagio. The cityscape changes every time I visit!
  • Dad chauffeured Mom and I to the airport at noon and left to work on his honey-do list. Mom and I enjoyed a great lunch at the airport cafe--she had a delectible patty melt and I nibbled on a garden burger. We then boarded the airplane and took off around 2:30p.m. for lovely LV!

  • A tip for you... try to get priority seating. It may be a couple of extra dollars, but you get to board and settle in first. The flight was pleasant. The pilot and the flight attendants were bantering back and forth on the loudspeaker and making the passengers laugh. A major change is that you have to pay for your snacks and drinks, but it's not that expensive and you get to choose your snacks.
  • I was happy that I brought a book along to pass the time. I read Truffles by the Sea by Julie Carobini. It's the story about Gaby, a thirty-something who rents a beautiful loft by the sea,has a lot of challenges (a fire, a dying business, and crazy neighbors) but also has romantic interests. The story is also sprinkled with with chocolate truffles and and inspirational. Those who like Christian fiction will enjoy this story.
  • We landed at the airport at 5:30 p.m. or so, managed to find our luggage, and took a shuttle to the beautiful Bellagio. We met up with sis and checked in. However, the first room we encountered was was already occupied. No one was in there, thank goodness, but the bed was unmade, the ironing board was out, and the trash was full. Yuck. So we called downstairs and after being placed on hold for a long time, they gave us a new room.
  • We tried the new room and the key would not open the door. So, sis left us at the casino and talked to the concierge. For our troubles, they docked $50 off any meals, and gave us a new room with a spectacular view of the water show. We can see Paris directly across the way.
  • So, we unloaded our bags, dined at the Cafe Bellagio, and then went downstairs to the casino.(This is where I use the adage "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"). We came upstairs at midnight and passed out from our busy day.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vegas Adventures: Part One

(Butterflies in the Bellagio, LCS 2008)

I will chronicle my Vegas adventures in the next couple of days. I wanted to share with you that we made it back and we had a blast! The weather was warm (80-90 degrees) and sunny. It was a surprise to return to 48 degrees. It's good to be home, despite the rain and cold. :)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gravel Lake Excursion

(Yellow Field in Spring, LCS 2008)
(Dandelions in May, LCS 2008)

(Turtles on a Tire, LCS & SJS 2008)

Steve and I traveled up to Gravel Lake on Sunday to see my parents.
On the country road I noticed a beautiful field of yellow dandelions and possibly goldenrod.
We biked through a muddy trail to get a little closer for the best shot.
We took the pontoon boat out for the first time this year and saw the wildlife in the channel.
It was a beautiful day.

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