Monday, January 5

Mom is improving. :) She is stable but fragile. They're going to try to get her up and moving around this morning. It will be good to be with her. Steve and I are going back to Indy this morning so Dad can come home and take care of some bills, etc. Thanks to sweet M. for coming over last night and making us dinner. I'll keep you posted as I know more information. Love, Lori


jmfelli said…
Hi Lori,

You and your family are in my prayers. If you need anyone to run errands or anything for you, please let me know. Julie
Anonymous said…
Dear Sweet Lori and family,
Your mom is such a fighter! I have had her in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to send her strength to fight and improve...
It is wonderful that you are all being so kind and giving to each other when your mom needs your love more than ever...
Hang in there...I pray for you all! Hugs , Doris

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