Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday, January 4

Steve and I traveled home yesterday. I was torn about leaving, but know Mom rests better when we're not in the room. She's still at IU. She was moved to another ward to keep her heart monitored and regulated. Dad's hanging in there. He's a rock. We're so lucky to have him. Steve and I will go down there this week to stay with Mom so Dad can take care of stuff up here (the bills and stuff Steve and I can't do.) Steve's been great, making sure I eat enough,etc. I finally got a full night's sleep. It helps to sleep in my own bed with the purr machine (Latte) on. I will go back to bed to try and rest to ward off the respiratory infection that's trying to return. Later, we'll go to my folk's house and take off the ornaments off the tree, etc. Love, Lori


marci ullery said...

ohhhhhhhhhh Lori, there are no words. I am so sorry... Gloria is in my prayers, as are you and Steve, and your dad. I wish I had some profound wisdom for you -- all I can say is -- you are doing all the right things -- the time you share with her now is so precious. Take care - that is the best thing you can do for her right now -- is self-care.

Athenagirl said...

Just thinking about you guys and hoping you are getting some rest. And also thinking about your mom--thanks for sharing her name. Gloria is a beautiful name. Love, Kris

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