Sunday, February 15, 2009

Deja Vu Sunday

It's been an odd day. After a disruptive sleep, I woke up fairly early. Steve and I hit the gym so I could prepare for the Hustle up the Hancock next Sunday. We then visited the Chocolate Cafe (enjoyed the lobster bisque in a bread bowl-yum!) and dined with a friend. Then we dropped off boxes of my files at the library (to rid of stuff around my house.) Then we visited a wake. It was Mom's former boss and their family, who are friends of the family, who died almost a month to the day after my Mom. The wake was held at the same time and the same room and the funeral home as Mom. My Dad met us there and I was so proud of him for paying his respects. That was so difficult on all of us. So now I am blogging, finishing up the book Waiter Rant, and waiting for Steve to return from a friend's house so we can play rock band and forget about this weekend. I tire of death; I want to get on with living.


T.L. Holmes said...

My friend JUST told me about that book, so I put it on my list. Would you recommend it? Am finishing a few right now myself: Eclipse, Eldest, and Wish You Were Here (by our book-chat friend, Barbara Shoup).

Lori said...

Yes, I do recommend Waiter Rant. It's pretty gritty with rough language and stuff, just to give you a heads-up. It does teach you how to be a better customer, although I am kind to servers and tend to tip over 20%.
I need to read Barbara Shoup next. Liked Eclipse, Liked Eldest (but not as much as Eragon.)

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