Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Last Hour of June

I asked a friend and colleague what was the date today. She replied, "June 30." I can't believe it. July is rapidly approaching. The orange tiger lilies are already blooming in my backyard. July was traditionally a big celebration month in my family. My uncle's birthday is tomorrow. Soon it will be the 4th of July (and my sister's milestone birthday.) July 20 will be my birthday (and LaSalle's soft opening.) July 23 was my grandmother's birthday. July 25 will be LaSalle's Dedication. July 26 is our 12-year wedding anniversary. And July 29 will be a quiet observance--it would have been my mother's 68th birthday. I normally cherish the month of July, but this year, it will be bittersweet, hopefully more sweet than bitter.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Musings

It's been a great day so far. We had a mini-staff reunion at my library. I'm very stoked about it. We greeted eachother, had pizza together, worked hard together, and enjoyed a good time today. Every day the library keeps getting closer and closer to opening day. I trotted around the boulevard, going to organize some stuff from the tag sale to donate to St. Vinny's, write a little bit, and then get a good night's rest. (Steve and I went to bed at 1 a.m. and up around 7 or a little before. I'm too old for that nonsense!)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Interesting Weekend

It's been a bittersweet weekend. Mostly sweet, though. Friday we worked at the new LaSalle Branch. There are books on shelves! It is starting to look like a library. And my staff reunite tomorrow. I'm sure they are as stoked as I am. Saturday I spent the day with one of my closest friends. We had a tag sale in our front yard, the same time as Summerfest. We had a decent sale. Not hugely profitable, but decent. And we met a lot of people in the neighborhood. That was the most fun. I now have sun on my face and arms. Steve and I also enjoyed a nice dinner at Doc Pierce's and then went to SummerFest. It was nice; musical entertainment, booths, and rides for kids. Now we can say we went. Today was disappointing. I was told I couldn't play with other people in church services because I didn't attend Thursday practice. My work schedule conflicts with it. It didn't used to be that way. I could come in Sunday morning and practice and all would be fine. And people would be really happy. But things changed, including requiring signed contracts for musical performers. I think that is controlling and off-putting. I'm volunteering my time and expensive drum equipment (which certain people took liberty to jam on it.) So, I am fetching my percussion equipment and leaving the church. It's too bad that I just started playing again and then I am cut off. It has happened before, but it won't keep me from playing again in the future. I will think long and hard before committing to another church. I had a friend come over and we played Rock Band and Guitar Hero. It was great! Tonight I worked out for an hour and a half, reconnected with a friend on Facebook, and am now blogging. Soon it will be time to go to bed. Have a good week.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Thought Thursday

It's been another busy week* Friday will be the first week I've been at the LaSalle Branch* There aren't empty shelves anymore* books are on holding shelves ready to interfile next Monday* It's great to see materials on shelves* It is actually looking like a library* I can't believe next weekend will the the 4th of July*Steve and I found a baby preying mantis on the front door*We took photos of it and will post soon* I'm getting ready to put on a tag sale with a friend on Saturday* Should be good* It's also Summerfest, so this will be good timing.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Crazy Manicure Dream

I must have a mani on my mind... I dreamed that on top of my library gig, I would work in a salon giving manicures. Except that right before the interview, my nails were in horrible condition. In fact, there was a nail file in the interview room and yes, I was using it during the interview. The owners were snarky. When I told them that I knew nothing about nails and wanted to do an internship, they both had a caustic laugh and ended the interview abruptly. I yelled at them and told them that I would write a horrible review about them on mojopages. I noticed on my way out that the floor was dirty and needed to be vacuumed. There were odd people in the salon. And the strangest part was that my mother and sister were downstairs having coffee waiting for my interview to be over. Perhaps pasta before bedtime is a bad idea. Anyway, it was a very odd little dream and thought I would share. At least I wasn't interviewing in my underwear. (Love those dreams, too...)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Drum Circle Spirit

Although I am crazy busy right now (like everyone else), I am attempting to keep reading for enjoyment and for the summer reading program. I finished an awesome book by Arthur Hull entitled Drum Circle Spirit: Facilitating Human Potential Through Rhythm. It's a pretty cool read and love the term "percussion puppy". A percussion puppies "are people who love to express themselves rhythmically"(Hull 88). It would be fun to gather percussion puppies together and have a rocking drum circle. There will be one at Open Book: Family Fest at the Library in September.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Big Sleep

Monday I return to my new branch library. I am excited and anxious. It's coming so soon. I have a lot planned this weekend. Today after art therapy I slept from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.! That's a lot of sleep. I'm certainly perfecting one of my favorite hobbies. Tonight I shopped for Father's Day and then a friend called and we had moonlight cawfee tawk (until Lula's closed). Then we hung out at her place. Tomorrow I work at the library and then I'll go out to dinner with a girlfriend. Sunday will be lake time with Dad. Then Monday, library. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Twenty-Year Class Reunion

Lori and Steve @ Class Reunion--2009
It took me three tries to start out this blog. I don't know how to begin, but I'll give it a shot. Steve and I enjoyed ourselves at the reunion, which was held at Windsor Park Conference Center in Mishawaka, Indiana. I asked Steve to turn the car around after experiencing a surge of anxiety as we left our boulevard (I am TOTALLY crowd shy.) But he didn't and I'm grateful for it. (Plus Tara would have been disappointed if her photographer didn't show up.) Some people showed up with spouses, some people left their spouses at home, some people showed up solo, others brought a friend or a significant other. All of it was totally cool and a nice mix. The first hour (6:00 p.m.) was happy hour with cocktails and then dinner at 7:00 p.m. I felt kind of guilty leaving Steve at the table to mingle, but he understood all quite well. The turnout was pretty significant, at least 100 of us from the class of 1989 were there. The food was fabulous: a salad, a buffet-style dinner, and then dessert. Very nice. Tara did a nice job of orchestrating this event and there was a toast in her honor! :) I was happy to have the camera to use to take photographs. It forced me to walk up to people, say hello, and be the class paparazzi. (I'm retiring my camera, though, for the 25th, if I decide to attend.) Only a couple of people were unkind (you know who you are). All the other classmates were complimentary, gracious, and kind. A couple of people gave me their condolences about my mother's passing. I appreciated that. That's the beauty of Facebook (FB), to keep in touch with others online. FB played a part of my decision to attend. After we mingled, we had two places we could frequent: Bar Louie or Between the Buns. We opted for the more casual hangout, the buns. It was rowdy and we had a good time.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Chipmunk in Tree LCS & SJS 2009
Chipmunk! --LCS & SJS 2009
Steve and I arrived home from something (can't remember what) and caught Chipmunk in the bird feeder. Perhaps this is the origin of the term chipmunk cheeks? His cheeks are so full of birdseed he could not close his mouth. He saw us and froze. Caught in the act. This photo was taken on the front porch. There's something about this tree and this birdfeeder that encourages gluttony, as a few months ago there was a gigantic squirrel that visited this tree as well.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


It's been a busy weekend. Worked Friday, Saturday, and helped out at the German Township Branch dedication today. Had dinner with friends Friday night, finished a book Saturday night, and drummed this morning. Went straight from church to home to change clothes to library to check out and visit the new branch. It was beautiful. I am exhausted. Going to bed so I rise out of bed early tomorrow and plan my week.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Reunion with A Beautiful Friend

I traveled to a library branch today and assisted patrons from 1p.m.-5p.m. I felt a bit out of practice because everything is new--processes, procedures, etc. But I accepted the challenges and had a great time. Love love love doing customer service and making people's day. One of the highlights was that I saw my nursery school teacher (E.) She exclaimed "I thought I'd never see you again!" E. threw her arms around me. It was a great mini-reunion. I thought about E. the other day. I was going through my childhood letters my mother saved and there was a thank-you note from her dated back to the 1970's when I gave E. a gift when I graduated from nursery school. She sent me a beautiful card this year when she learned my mother had passed. We also weathered a storm together (pun intended) at another branch one October in the early 2000's. There were tornado warnings all around us, we took cover in the back (I was second-in-charge at the library at the time) and I was reading stories and doing rhymes to keep the kids (and grownups, including me) calm. We looked at each other and she said, "I'm so glad to be here in the storm together with you!" Agreed. Weathering storms big and small with ones you care about makes the endeavor not quite so scary and the damage not so great.

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