Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Birthday Gift

Gravel Lake- LCS 2009
A colleague told me today that the best way to observe a deceased loved one's birthday is to give a gift to someone else in her honor. I think that's a beautiful idea. So I would like to share a memory with you about my mother. This is my gift to you--in her honor.
Over twelve years ago, I was going to wear my mother's wedding dress for our wedding. However, it didn't make it through the special dry cleaning. (They do a much better job with dress preservation now). So we went to a bridal shop and tried on wedding dresses. She bought one off the rack that was a size 12 and had to have a seamstress whittle it down to a size 6 (To be a size 6 again!) Well, it was really late to have it altered in time for the wedding but she did not tell me that. She kept the stress to herself and made sure the dress was ready and perfect for my special day. And it was. That was the kind of person she was, always planning and taking care of others.

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