Sunday, August 02, 2009

Tabor Hill

Front Entrance to Tabor Hill- LCS 2009
Tabor Hill Sign-LCS 2009
View of Birds from Our Window-LCS 2009
Steve and I have the best neighbors. Not only are D & L our neighbors, they are more importantly our dear friends. We have known them since we moved into our home in June 2000. Today D & L treated us to lunch at Tabor Hill and Restaurant located in Michigan. We have been meaning to go for a long time, but life and schedules interfered. This weekend was definitely a rest/foodie weekend, so we planned the date for Sunday. The weather could not have been sweeter for a day to frolic in the vineyards. D drove us up to Tabor Hill. We made it to our destination in perfect time for the reservation. The hostess took us out in an open room with a gorgeous view of the vineyard. A bird feeder adorned the window outside and several birds (including the ones in the photograph) enjoyed lunch as well. I had champagne, a cold soup (tomat0-based), scallops, coffee, and a fruit dessert. After lunch, we went into the winery and the gift shop. So many wonderful things! After sampling and purchasing champagne and wine (D & L's treat--thank you!) We finally had to head home. It was a perfect lunch date, and I will remember this day for a very long time!

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