Saturday, October 03, 2009

Another Literary Musical Weekend

Latte Yawning on Couch--SJS 2009
Java Sleeping in Bean Bag--SJS 2009
Lazy, lazy day. Lazy, lazy kitties. Lazy, lazy Saturday. Today is a sleepy weather day. Cold, rainy, blanket weather. We still did a lot today.
Friday night, I stopped at the South Bend Chocolate Cafe and watched Chris (drummer) play with his band. It's a blues band. I love watching live blues even more than jazz. And I love jazz. So cool. I re-learned the term "ghost beat". It's like playing a little off a regular beat. A little slower (like in reggae). And then friends I knew arrived so that was fun and a nice surprise. And I'm buying a black Zildjian T-shirt. Chris was wearing one and it looked so rocking cool! He is a really good drummer and he also played a strong reggae beat to one of their songs. I cannot recall the band's name, but they were very good. Seasoned musicians who can jam. Today (Saturday), I slept in late. After two late nights (awake after 2:00 a.m.), it caught up with me. After sleeping in, I hung out with Steve and met up with a girlfriend for hairapy at my favorite salon. (Salon Rouge!) Later, we went to Border's and Meijer to shop. I reconnected with a friend at Border's. Her son is playing drums! (He's about 12 years old).
Tonight I will be tuning in to Saturday Night Live to watch the musical performer Lady Gaga.
She's like a very young Madonna. Her music is great to car dance or to walk to on the iPod.
I will definitely sleep in and then attend Dedication at the Tutt Branch tomorrow. Afterwards, Steve and I will be taking our parents (in-laws) to dinner for their anniversary/Dad'sbirthday. It's a full and enjoyable weekend.

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