Sunday, October 18, 2009

California Dreaming: Tuesday Morning at the O'Hare Airport

Tuesday, October 13 Here I am pictured at the Hobbit Hotel in Chicago with my fun drum shirt!

We got up, cleaned up, grabbed a couple of snacks, climbed on the shuttle to O'Hare airport. Surreal... Comfortably Numb played on the loudspeaker. We made it to the airport and through security. It was a pleasant experience... one of the security guys saw my new black Zildjian t-shirt and struck up a conversation. The gentleman didn't play a drumset, but he had a drumtrap and played other various instruments such as congas, bongos, marimbas, etc. He said(emphasized) that he was a percussionist, not a drummer. I understood, although I like to have my Animal (from Muppets) moments, too. I am both a drummer and percussionist. Proud of it, too.

When I stepped through security, the kindly older security officer winked at me. I tell you, this drummer shirt makes people smile. ;) I also noticed three or four people in the airport with guitar cases. Thought it was interesting and cool. ;)

I managed to trek to the restroom --okay, twice--plane nerves--and then visited a shop to find a new journal for my trip. I spoke with the cashier and although he lives in Chicago, he's from L.A. and said that the state of California is divided into three sections--north (San Fransisco), L.A. (middle to south), and San Diego (South). There's a friendly rivalry, I guess. This information proved interesting.

So we're waiting to board and people watch. We noticed a young man (late twenties/early thirties) with two little brown wiggly puppies! So cute! Sadly, staff told him to put the pups back in their doggie totes. Darn. That was a highlight to see happy wiggly puppies with their little tails wagging.

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