Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday Surprises

I saw this group last night perform on the campus of Notre Dame. It blew me away. Love my bandmates. They greeted me at the door upon my arrival and helped me carry drums into the house. And they helped me carry them out, too. Next rehearsal I will be bringing all the drums into the house. It'll be fun for everyone to see the full kit. We now have firm performance dates: Friday, January 22: The Beanery (downtown Mishawaka) Saturday, February 6: Club LaSalle (South Bend) As soon as we finalize our name (to be changed from NewCastle), we'll set up a Facebook and Twitter account. NewCastle is okay, but it's not 100% what the band wants. I'm on the fence. I think Red-Haired Vixens would be kind of fun, but the guys may not like it so much... ;) After returning from rehearsal, a girlfriend called and asked me to go with her to see a concert. The band is called The Idan Raichel Project. The lead singer and pianist started this project in Israel. He features different musicians from all over the world on different concert tours. It's amazing. Hebrew meets African rhythm. It was a wonderful performance and I enjoyed seeing the percussionist play. He has his drums and percussion set up in a way I would like. A bass drum with cymbals. No toms. He has congas and other drums in front of the bass drum. There are several drum trees with all sorts of percussion I had never seen before. Inspiring!

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