Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Three Halloween Parties: Part Two: Chez McCoy

After leaving Blenda's Woods, we stopped home for a quick costume change. I donned the Star Trek uniform and dolled up for my Cougar Trekker persona. We then took refreshments over to Chez McCoy. (It's actually amusing going to someone's house with the last name as McCoy dressed in Star Trek uniforms.) Yes, we got our geek on! We arrived at Chez McCoy and most of the guests were gathered around outside in the backyard. (Thank goodness there were heating lights, but I went inside quite a bit. It was a very very cold night). Kenn Kong was sporting a killer bee costume and J. was dressed as Velma from Scooby-Doo. M.(son) was in some kind of ghost costume. The puppies, Butch and Lucy, were doing a great job supervising the refreshment table. We stayed there for a little while and chatted with friends. Kenn Kong and I are going to have another crab leg eating contest at Tradewinds Restaurant. (I almost beat him one year. My six crab legs to his seven. I demand a rematch!) After we demanded the rematch, Steve and I said our goodbyes and trekked on to the next soiree: Home of Grammarman!

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