Saturday, February 13, 2010

29-Day Gifts: Days 12 and 13

Friday, February 12: Collage for a Friend TGIF. What a strange week for me. Despite the fact that I am still fatigued and winded, I still managed to drag myself out of the warm covers at 6:00 a.m. to be ready to leave for art by 7:00 a.m. It's not easy some mornings, but it's always worth it. I then go to libraryland. I'm behind because I keep getting sick and then other projects and fires to be put out take precedence. I'm trying to take it easy so I don't relapse. Then I cannot locate a document and I am annoyed. (It turns out this document is most likely online but needs signatures. Damn it.) So, I do my desk shifts and then in frustration, I re-organize my office. It's something I need to do occasionally so I can regroup and get back on task. (Eliminating inner clutter=eliminating outer clutter.) I am about 80% finished. The top of the desk needs work now, but it will be in great shape by Tuesday. I still believe grief makes me stupid. I'm still doing absentminded tasks and making errors. But I guess that's what being part of the human race is about. It's Freeport Friday. The gamers visit the house. It was fun to listen to them laughing downstairs. And I made a friend a framed collage. I weave recycled paper, wrapping paper, and old photographs together from small strips. It was fun to do. Saturday. February 13: The Gift of Time I slept in today. No rehearsal. Steve and I left for Cassopolis to attend the funeral of a family member of a friend. We were going to stop in and pay our respects, but we wanted to stay and support our friends. And I'm glad we did. We visited the Cass County Library because we couldn't find the funeral home. It was neat to see another library. This evening we ate pizza at Barnaby's with friends. We stayed for a long time and caught up. We left later then expected and now am catching up on reading and writing.

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