Sunday, February 07, 2010

Club LaSalle: Mad Dogs and Irishmen

Performing at Club LaSalle was fun. I slept most of the day still recovering. Steve volunteered for Science Alive at the Main Library. In the late afternoon, we packed up the percussion and left to set up and do a sound check. The venue is cool and comfortable: brick walls, elegant seating, leather couches in the back. After the sound check, we opted to have dinner at Hacienda. Our dear friends B & B spotted us and joined us. They also visited the club to hear us perform. Time passed too quickly and we had to get back, since I had to change and then go back to the club.
We presented a nice show. Patrons appeared happy. They gave us compliments. I met some nice new people, including a blues guitarist and his wife, other musicians, and two future gamers/groupies/roadies named Collin and Richard. As shown in the photograph taken by Steve, people were dancing to the music, which is always a positive sign. I appreciated my family and friends who came out to see us. Thank you. We will be performing at Club LaSalle on March 17 and then at the Box Factory in April. It's good to be playing and performing again. I didn't realize how much I missed playing music until I started playing again.

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