Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour, Music, and Wildflowers

I took photographs of coneflowers last summer when our sweet neighbors took us to Tabor Hill last summer. I am looking forward to a lot of cone flowers this summer! Tonight Steve and I will join the rest of the world and turn off the lights tonight for World Earth Hour. It should be cool. I wonder how many people worldwide will participate? Also, Purest Green had rehearsal tonight. There was a disconnect with where the practice was held, so two of us ended up in Cassopolis and three people ended up in South Bend. And we ended up rehearsing in Mishawaka. Go figure! Anyway it was both annoying and humorous for all parties involved, but at least it was a lovely early spring afternoon. We managed to meet and rehearse. I enjoy playing Celtic music, but my heart is in big band, blues, and jazz. I was so happy to play jazz again. ;) S. was a great hostess. We're playing a mix of Celtic and Jazz for the next show in April.
After rehearsal, I went to the store, bought four large jugs of vinegar, and headed out to the back yard. I dug out the outline of the backyard for our wildflower garden. Steve read online that vinegar does the same job as round-up, so I sprayed vinegar all over the grass where the wildflower garden will be. It's going to be a friendship/memory/poetry garden. I want to get the backyard ready to entertain this spring/summer/fall. I talked to a friend at a party recently, and he inspired me to have a Indiana native wildflower garden.

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Izze's Art said...

Lori, the residents in Grand Rapids put a tarp of plastic down with rocks to hold it in place and it also kills everything underneath. Might want to try that too!

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