Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rehearsal and Puppets in Vegas

Saturday morning Purest Green had a mega rehearsal before our next performance at Club LaSalle. We practiced at B's house for five (!) hours. We took breaks and B had food for us to keep all of us energized. It was fun: three sets of Irish music. There's also a new member in the ensemble-- a guitarist (C.) He's super cool and a talented guitarist. He adds a lot of positive energy to the group. I am learning so much about Irish music. And since it's part of my heritage and Steve's heritage, it makes it more meaningful. Meanwhile, I am thinking of purchasing green dye to wear in my tresses on St. Patrick's Day. After rehearsal, I crashed for a few hours. Steve and I then found a cool film online: Terry Fator: Live From Las Vegas. If you watched America's Got Talent, Fator won the first year with his ventriloquism. He didn't just throw voices into puppets; he sang tunes in the voices of the original artists. My favorite is Louis Armstrong. It was quite amusing and just what we needed for the evening.

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