Thursday, April 29, 2010

Residual Full Moon Thursday

I took R's advice and called Steve before I arrived home. "Honey, would you please have a large glass of wine ready for me when I arrive home? It's been a trying day." (Understatement of the week. ) And like the fabulous man he is, Steve had a glass of white waiting for me on the kitchen counter. It's Round Barn Apple Wine. I couldn't find the tasty red berry flavor that my friend M. had at her catering gig, but this will suffice. It's pretty tasty. Wine is a terrible thing to waste, even the cheap variety. ;) A friend mentioned to me in libraryland that this day (from hell) could be residual from the full moon. (I believe you, C.) Last night, after digging for hours and falling comically into the dirt while chatting on the cell phone, I took a stroll around the 'hood for a 1/2 hour, serenading my neighbors while rocking out to the iPod. I viewed the full moon hiding in the trees on a clear night and appreciated the stars smiling over the sleepy boulevard. Tonight I am weary. It was a hard day. People can be vampires, sucking one's energy dry. I sport the invisible bite marks from the verbal assaults. I will assuage my fragile psyche with a hot shower, a calm book, and hope for a better day.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dental Wednesday

Stop the presses! It's tweet-worthy! You will sleep much better tonight knowing I had to get a filling replaced today. I know this is the proverbial small potatoes compared to people who have had crowns or root canals. Besides braces, having several baby teeth with roots on crack pulled as a tween to add to my awkwardness with thick glasses and 1980's hair explosions, looking like the Great Pumpkin was NOT attractive and thus another lesson in humility, and having wisdom teeth pulled, I haven't had any major procedures (knock on the dentist's chair.)
It's been a long time since I have had any kind of "yuck mouth procedure." And this is a new dentist, so he hasn't had to use the needle on me yet. Until today. I arrived early. One of the staff informed me that it will be just a few minutes. I told them to "take their time. Take as long as they need." (She laughed as she knew I was getting a filling.)
I inquired if Dr. F. had too much caffeine so his drill-wielding hand wouldn't shake. I also asked him if he was up on his shots and that I haven't bitten any dentists lately. (She laughed... nervously.) I also made sure not to crack jokes right before so he wouldn't laugh and therefore shake the drill-wielding hand during the procedure. Note to self: be kind to those who wield needles or serve your food.
Something that impressed Dr. F. was the fact that I brought my iPod with me. I was able to crank up my tunes while the drill was going, so I didn't have to listen to the horrible noise. And the shot didn't hurt at all. The staff did a great job of numbing the gum beforehand. They had to replace the filling twice since they made an error the first time around. My jaw hurt and my iPod battery was on low by the time they finished, but I now have a fixed tooth.
I visit my dentist again in May for the check-up. I'll make sure the battery to my iPod is re-charged, but hopefully I won't have to use it. It might be too soon for them to see me again. :D

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Box Factory Weekend

There were so many things to do this weekend. My women's film group was held on Friday night. A friend's birthday bash was on Saturday night. Unfortunately, I had to miss both. ;( I had to practice, prepare, and perform at the Box Factory in St. Joseph, Michigan with our band Purest Green on Saturday night. The first set was jazz/contemporary and the second set was Irish/Scottish music. It was a lot of fun and our best performance yet! The Box Factory is an art gallery and performance space. It's a great venue to visit and perform. The staff, including the sound technician, was great. We enjoyed playing and it was great having enough space. I was able to play out with the drumset and perform cool solos/duets. Although it wasn't an entirely profitable venture ( just enough to cover the gratuity for hairapy yesterday), this performance was important for our band and good for the soul. Stay tuned for upcoming shows this spring and summer! Here's the url for our bandpage:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Freeport Free Association Friday: Just Like Cats

(Halloween 2009)

The kids are yarring downstairs. It's Freeport Night chez Sigety. The pirates are restless and on a mission. Role-playing for pirate booty and adventure. I may try writing science fiction and fantasy, since Steve sent me a link for spouse's programs for Gen Con 2010. Steve suggested I wear my Star Trek uniform. The idea crossed my mind but may get too much unwanted attention. Could be interesting. Could be scary. I may have to bring a squirt bottle and spritz as necessary. Just like cats. Cats usually hate baths. So do traditional vampires--and stereotypical gamers. Although the ones I associate with, including the one I married, are quite fastidious. And, I, freshly bitten and outed with the gaming bug, am fastidious as well.

Now that we have that established, I like to write dungeon crawl stories. But most dungeon crawls feature vampires or dragons. Would that be trendy or refreshing? Vampires are mythologically supposed to be evil. Now they are misunderstood or even revered. Admittedly, I jumped on the vampire fiction wagon and sank my teeth into an alternate fantasy realm. I am one of the almost-forty women who liked Twilight. And I mercilessly tortured my younger-and-sweet colleague/ staff member who is into the series as well. R., dear, I am also a Twihard. I am in the Edward camp. Jacob is cute, but I would see him sleeping on my feet and playing fetch (no offense to Team Jacob and werewolves and werewolf support groups, but whatever.)
In the back of my literary mind, vampires are supposed to be antagonists. Bram Stoker drove that stake into my proverbial frame of reference. But I have been open to change and even thought about writing about vampires who love water. Speaking of water, the rain finally stopped outside. I was going to buy more topsoil and place it on my wildflower garden. But like a Bram Stoker vampire, I shied from the rain, purchased Tabor Hill red cherry wine (uh-huh), and rushed inside to relax... and write.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Springtime Around the Boulevard

Gardening can bring people together. It is a solitary or a community endeavor, but most of the time the end result is enjoyed by many. I cannot take the credit for the tulips. My neighbor and friend J. planted the garden a few years ago when she moved here. People, puppies, and fowl would stop over. Neighbors walking in the area fawned over the beauty. Flowers are a great way to make friends, build communities, and beautify neighborhoods. The flowering crab tree (I call it the Love Tree) was a gift from my husband's parents. They brought it over from an Earth Day tree giveaway one year. It's my favorite tree, although I have other ones in the backyard. That reminds me, I need to end this blog post and buy some more soil for the wildflower garden in the back. One of my friends from libraryland is going to be my garden friend. We're going to work in each other's gardens. It will be fun and we can gather a lot of ideas. It will be more fun than work. :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sharing the Seasons and Other Musings

It's Friday evening again. Our flowering crabapple tree is amazing; it adorns the corner where I sit and relax. The tree is getting so big that our next door neighbor also enjoys the benefit of the beauty and privacy. I love how it flowers and then when flowers turn into leaves, the corner is covered so we have shade and beauty. There's a gorgeous poetry book I checked out from the library and read it tonight. The title is Sharing the Seasons edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins and Illustrated by David Diaz. There are poems (in order of appearance) by Lee Bennett Hopkins, Fran Haraway, Rebecca Kai Dotlich, Elizabeth Upton, Beverly McLoughland, Candace Pearson, James Hayford, April Halprin Wayland, Marilyn Singer, Carl Sandburg, Mary Atkinson, Constance Andrea Keremes,Ann Rousseau Smith, Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, Joan Bransfield Graham,Prince Redcloud, Terry Webb Harshman, Richard Brautigan, Craig Crist-Evans, Florence B. Spilger, Joseph Bruchac, Lillian Fisher, Karla Kuskin, Ann Wagner, Patrick Lewis, and Sanderson Vanderbilt. Tonight I am forcing myself to retire to bed early so we can accomplish a lot this weekend. I'm looking forward to band rehearsal, teaching my first drum lesson to a daughter of a dear friend; and reviewing my poems with Jake so we can have our reading in June.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weekend Updates and Duck Love

It's Wednesday already. Here are more details about the weekend. We had a great rehearsal on Saturday morning. I'm confident that the 24th will be a good show at the Box Factory. After rehearsal, Steve and I drove up to Chicago to see family. One of my cousins had a milestone birthday. Awesome! Then we went out with family and stayed overnight. Steve and I love Chicago. We could possibly live here someday, although my heart rests on a surfboard in the Pacific Ocean (San Diego, baby.) Sunday we drove home and saw the fur children. Then I worked out in the garden for a long time. The wildflower garden is going to be beautiful. It's divided up into three sections, just like a story. :) The neat thing was that a duck couple I named Max and Erma hung out in our yard. And Erma hung out quietly, serenely in our tiny pond while I was working. I haven't seen Erma or Max since Sunday, so I am guessing they are in a little duck nest somewhere. I was hoping we would have duckings in our backyard, but there are predators (possums and raccoons), so perhaps it was meant to be.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

ArtPost Poems

Before attacking my statement of purpose (second draft) and my first draft of a CV (curriculum vitae), I wanted to share some details about my weekend. Friday night I attended a 24-hour poetry marathon at ArtPost gallery. I read my poetry at 7:30 p.m. It was a lot of fun and the audience was great! Here are two humorous poems I wanted to share with you for fun: Speedo Man and Thong Kong. These are equal-opportunity swimsuit offenders. Rated PG. Read 'em and weep. :) Speedo Man Speedo Man! Speedo Man! If he can't save me, no one can. his shiny suit, the sea guru, swimmingly sporting the color of blue. Jack-be-humble, Jack-be quick, His weenie suit makes me sick! He struts around all day long, I thank the Lord it's not a thong! Thong Kong Speedo Man isn't the number one stud for long, as he just met his competition, a woman called Thong Kong. Thong Kong is the newest sea guru, as we can all see her gluteus maximus in plain view. Is what color is the suit from behind? We cannot tell from the back, is the color mauve, blueberry, or black? Until she turns around, we will never know for the neon towel covers the show. Speedo Man isn't number one today, As long as Thong Kong gets in his way. Perhaps these will be included in the book with Jake. More weekend details soon!

Thursday, April 08, 2010


It's been a humbling week. I received a beautiful painting from a darling staff member. (I so love my staff!) One of my best friends and colleagues sent me an Easter package in interoffice delivery mail. I received a nice card from the Martin Luther King Senior Men's Group. My security officer carried my computer bag, put it in my car and opened the door for me. I had visits and hugs from patron friends who came up to me and thanked me for my friendship and service. I've had friends from academia who are willing to read my CV for me. And I come home from libraryland and my husband makes me spaghetti. I'm very grateful for the love and support from so many people.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Cat Siesta, CVs and Storms, Oh My!

Latte relaxing on the couch SJS 4/10
Java curled on the beanbag SJS 4/10
Moshi relaxing SJS 4/10
Moshi and Latte sleeping on the couch SJS/4.10
Java relaxing on the porch SJS/4.10
It's raining, it's storming, Java cat is snoring...
I wanted to sleep in today but had too much to do today. I had an appointment and working on the CV (Curriculum Vitae) for school. It's taking longer than I would like, but I want it to be perfect. (Or at least close.) It's good experience and a proverbial trip down memory lane! I was going to visit ArtPost tonight, but the storms kept me home. I only like storms when I am hiding under the couch! :) This Friday night I will be participating in a poetry marathon at ArtPost. It's a 24-hour poetry marathon and I will be doing a reading for 15 minutes. It will be a lot of fun, as I will see a lot of friends from the community!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday Night on the Porch

I may have posted this photograph before, but I love this picture of Moshi! :)
It's been an unseasonably warm week here in northern Indiana and I am enjoying the weather very much. There's a lot to tell. I met with the professor at IU this week. She's wonderful and took the time to answer all my questions about graduate school. I debated on starting school in the summer, but decided to enjoy my summer (since I worked all last summer on reopening the LaSalle Branch.) I'm starting in Fall 2010 and wish to take two classes: a required course and poetry. I am chomping at the bit to learn more about writing poetry again.
Also this week, Moshi the Beast was spayed on Thursday. No surprise kittens at the Sigety household this summer. We surmised that she would be quiet and docile after the procedure. No chance. Instead, it's like she was shot out of a cannon. The only evidence of surgery we noticed was a fuzzy belly, which she has not shown to us recently (without danger of claws and teeth.)
I'm also excited to hear that my musical friend K. wrote music to my lyrics entitled "Field of Blue." I can't wait to hear them! This could commence the making of the jazz cd I've dreamed of creating... Speaking of music, I've had four people ask about drum lessons. I think I need to start teaching soon.
Tonight I had a nice dinner with Dad at a restaurant called Yesterday's. The food was amazing and the service was great, too.
This weekend I look forward to rehearsal tomorrow with my band Purest Green and then working in the yard, planning for school, etc...
Anyway, hope you have a great weekend! :)

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