Friday, May 28, 2010


It's been an exceptionally crazy week. Last night I walked around the neighborhood and noted the full moon (and it was a weird day.) If you are just catching up in my whirl-world, here is what has ensued in the last week: 1.) Finishing up at the LaSalle Branch. May Tracking, time cards, reports, and information to pass on to J (my successor). 2.) Two interviews in two days for a college. I'll be teaching Comp I next week! 3.) A wonderful lunch and surprises from my colleagues and coordinator. It was a nice and uneventful last day at LaSalle. Many regular patrons stopped by for a hug and a goodbye and to stay in touch. I didn't cry. I feel numb...and I feel at peace, somehow. I have made peace with libraryland. I am no longer a Manager of a Library Branch. I am now just... me.

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