Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Latte's News

This is one of life cruel jokes. Yesterday we found out that Latte has stage four metastatic lung cancer. The x-rays show two masses on her left lung. Her left lung is completely full of fluid and she has limited capacity in her right lung. Basically, the vet sent her home with us and recommended that we spoil her and give her anything she wants. At the first sign that Latte appears to be uncomfortable, we will take her to the vet and have her life ended painlessly and peacefully. She deserves to be comfortable. She has been a terrific friend and companion to us. As I write, she is sleeping peacefully upstairs in her night-night bed with her tiny stuffed piggy. She is only six years old. The vet recently lost her dog to cancer at age six, so although it is uncommon, it is not rare. This is baffling to us, but we are holding up. I am now going to go upstairs and visit her.

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miakoda said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Your kitties are very lucky that they have such loving parents. I can only imagine Latte is in for a boatload of snuggles and spoils.

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