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Playing With Books

When I visited the Main Library yesterday, I shopped around and discovered this gem in the stacks: Playing With Books: The Art of Upcycling, Deconstructing, and Reimaging the Book by Jason Thompson. Archivists and other book purists may cringe at the thought of tearing up books to make art, but I believe the artist is showing new ways to turn books that are damaged, discarded, or outdated (such as medical and science books), or otherwise unreadable into a new art form. It is an interesting concept. I enjoy working with paper and embrace the idea of using recycled materials to make art. I will add this book to my Goodreads account.

A Treasured Wedding Reception

Gamer Wedding Cake. Courtesy of one of the wedding guests at this event! 9.25.10 It is 8:50 a.m. Although spent, I woke up early. What a fun wedding reception last night. It started at 9:15 a.m. when I had hairapy--an updo-- at Salon Rouge. (As you know, it is one of my favorite places.) After hairapy, I drove back home, applied makeup, and headed for G & J's place. My sweet Steve drove me there so I did not have to worry about Greenie the Honda Civic for the event. So we all dressed and headed for the park. G looked gorgeous in her dress and J looked awesome in his suit. The bridesmaids, thanks to A, looked beautiful in curled updos. Beutter Park was lovely. The sky, overcast and interesting, provided the appropriate lighting for the photographs. We explored various spots in the park, including the bridge, near the river, and near the fall foliage. The photographer, playful and spirited, worked well with the wedding party. After photographs in the park, we headed back to G &am…

Driving the Storm

Okay. I give up on the one-word titles. It is a cool concept, but too restrictive for me. So for the first days of fall, I am changing it up. Enough said. I still may submit the one-word title once in while, but for now, I am giving myself permission to include more words. And as I am typing this, I am realizing how ridiculous this sounds. Whatever! :) Can you say retentive?! (*laughs*) I peer outside. The kitties are catching up on midmorning naps after early morning Beast Feast and kitty rompus... PSSSSSSHHHHHHHH! Just tipped a bottle of diet coke on its side. The cap is screwed on loosely so diet coke sprays everywhere. (*insert choice words here*) What a dramatic explosion! Running to the kitchen and fetching the closest yellow towel on the countertop. Laptop is safe. Library books are safe. Textbooks are safe. No felines were in the path of the eruption. Whew. Back to our weekly scheduled program--blog, that is. Last night. What a crazy, stormy night, don't you think? It …


Tonight I reserved the evening for me. On Friday nights, unless we are committed to a special occasion, Steve and I pursue our own interests. I enjoy the quiet and solitude; I use this time to collage, paint, read, or write. It is healthy to carve out time to relax and to just be. The girls (Java, Moshi, and Sake) and I will perch on the front porch tonight and relax. And of course my idea of relaxing is working on some kind of project. I discovered an adorable ceramic art set at Barnes and Noble. You can create six amazing miniature art vases with color pencil. I opened it and am working on the first vase. I'll post the finished project. Now it is time to warm up a cup of chocolate coffee, go outside on the porch, and draw on a vase.


Steve and I took a stroll at the lake last weekend. We searched for deer and snapped photographs. Although we spotted a few curious deer in the woods across the field in the distance, we did not catch a great photograph. However, we caught another amazing scene--again in the sky-- and I took the opportunity to embrace it. I learned a lesson from this photograph. When sadness in my spirit plagues me, I try to remember to glance upward. Most likely there is a divine answer, a peaceful lesson, a semblance of light, or a truth. And this provides comfort for me.


This post is dedicated to a dear friend C. who will be celebrating her birthday later in the month. I perused through photos of this summer. C. made me a fabulous lunch at her home. She created the most magnificent garden. I enjoyed photographing the foliage and the creatures who visited and played in the garden. A friendly butterfly stayed with us for the duration of the lunch. She was so friendly and bounced from flower to flower. Perhaps I should create a story about a butterfly called carolgarden. Perhaps I should write a poem and turn it into a story.

Butterfly Wings

Thinking about Miss Latte today. I wrote a poem about her. Butterfly Wings A gray butterfly loses earthly whiskers and soft gray fur, grows her angel wings, glorious gray butterfly wings, and flies over a misty rainbow, crossing Heaven's meadow, years too soon for me.


Sake has been with us since August. It feels like she's been with us for a longer period of time. According to the vet, she is now approximately five months old. As much as I love cats, I hope Sakura stays a kitten for a long time. Steve and I needed a happy kitten to heal our hearts and Sake helps fill that void. Moshi and Java seem to love and welcome Sake, too.