Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween, Spiced Wine, and Fetch

I am ready to turn in for the night. Steve and I showered the adorable trick-or-treaters with candy. We particularly appreciated the plainclothes teenager carrying a sign that said "nudist on strike." His ingenuity was enough for us to give him candy. We didn't want him to go back to work. ;) Steve finished with the Halloween treating while I slogged through more work stuff. Our sweet snow angels surprised us with awesome bottle art and a bottle of spiced wine. It's really tasty. Even Steve likes it (and he's more of an international beer consumer.) I learned a lesson from my mitten kitten tonight. No matter what may be stressful, there's nothing that can't be fixed or a mood that can't be heightened by a good round of fetch. Sakura the mitten kitten loves to play fetch with the white or green felt balls. It's totally adorable and heartening.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


...can be a fun challenge. The eco-carpeting was ordered and ready to install. (!) We are ready to adorn the living room, front office, thirteen stairs, and the upstairs hallway. (This substitutes for our vacation money this fall, but I consider it a wise investment.) Note to you, the reader: the cost of installation is lower (by over $100) if you tear up the old carpeting and dispose of it yourself. If you can, save yourself some cash and do it yourself. That's exactly what Steve and I are going to do. We are now under the proverbial gun to choose the paint based on the three swatches we have on the wall. (Thank you, E, for all of your assistance.) We hope to have the house ready for the hellidays. Not that we celebrate so much in recent years, but we are recreating our home the way we want. Our true haven. Plus I will be having a Lia Sophia open house for the neighborhood and friends the day after T-day, so it should have a classic, cozy, and warm feel to the space. I have been busy with class (Composition I with 23 students), freelancing with music and storytelling, restarting my jewelry bling business, and remodeling the house. Steve has been busy with libraryland, helping me out however he can, and doing house stuff. That's all for now ;)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tardis Soap and Nerd Hygiene from Geeky Clean

I have been finding a lot of cool websites recently. The website I am going to mention is a particularly "clean" website (pun intended.) The company, website, christened Geeky Clean, makes soap. Inside the soap is a twenty-sided dice. The dice must be the incentive for the gamer to bathe. It is a joke among gaming society circles-or in our nerd-case, squares-because the stereotypical gamer does not bathe regularly. Much to other's dismay, few geeks still adhere on to bathing-optional mores at conventions.
I perused the website recently and found a Tardi-soap in the shape of the wonderful "police box" known as the Tardis.(!) If you are a Dr. Who fan, you will understand the significance of the blue box. Now you can have Tardi-soap with you. Lather up. ;)

Making Mixed Art Charms & Jewelry

The only thing I do not like about checking out favorite books from the library is that I have to eventually return them! :) I eventually end up purchasing books I check out often. The book featured here is entitled Making Mixed-Media Art Charms & Jewelry by Peggy Krzyzewski and Christine Hansen. There are so many ways to create charms out of fiber, paper, and metal. When we get the upstairs bedroom transformed into an art room/office, this will be one of the projects I would like to pursue.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Suzanne's Autumn Night: A Poem

Suzanne's Autumn Night (for S.M. & M.U.) Saturday's mild afternoon yawns, stretching into cool evening sighs like a cherished house cat waking from a dream, crisp autumn dusk awakens abruptly, rubbing October's fiery chameleon eyes. The covert transition of evening, compared to the absence of light, caused many to look up, to take notice, of celestial beauty surrounding Suzanne's autumn night. The night moonscape shines through spaces in cool trees, through bangs and branches leaves like tresses of half-naked trees, like autumn hairs falling free Night sky lighting mirrors sky night lighting night lights sky soiree held with its own celestial version of flickering candles and twinkle night lights. lights night night lights twinkle lights lights night Family and extended family bathe in the warmth of festivities, circles new and rekindled friendships circles around cozy fire spaces circles around light circles light circles circles bathe in autumn moonlight moon circles Night progresses rapidly into hours Bathing in the autumn moonlight, until our memory whispers here, "Wasn't it just beautiful- Suzanne's autumn night. " -2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Red Lilly Preview Party

(I borrowed the photograph of the rabbit from K.M. Since I am blogging about the film, I don't think he'll mind too much.) Last night, I attended a preview party to view the final cut of the movie Red Lilly. (Steve had a prior commitment, otherwise he would have been there.) It's a horror movie written, directed, and produced by local filmmakers (who happen to be great friends of ours.) Since one more segment was needed to complete the story, our friends asked us to be in the film. We happily obliged. On a cool yet lovely October day, Steve and I set out to Elkhart and played our parts. Since part of the scene took place in the woods, which happened to be part of a public park, we had to hide Steve at times so he would not scare the residents who took their morning hikes. The evening was fun. I enjoyed meeting and seeing people in the film. We watched the movie outside on a crisp, October night. Thankfully, there were heaters and blankets available so guests were comfortable. What a fun way to spend a Friday night. I will certainly announce it when the movie is available to download and/or purchase!

Friday, October 15, 2010

October: So Far, So Creative

We are halfway through the month of October. After the first week, how quickly the month passes. So far, so creative. After Open Book at the library, I booked two music performances this month: one at a Montessori school and another at the Western Branch Library. A representative from one the local parks contacted the library after the Open Book and asked for my information to present "Drumstory" for their festival. I believe the drum/poetry gig is going somewhere. There is a local grant out there in the community to do programs like this. I would love to find broken drums, have them repaired, paint them, and put them into hands of people. Drumming is therapeutic, builds community, builds esteem. I may incorporate this into my coursework.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

South Bend Ghosts

After volunteering at the fair and running a few errands, Steve and I decided to enjoy dinner at Hacienda in Mishawaka. While he drives, I sometimes read. I picked up a book at the LaSalle Branch entitled "South Bend Ghosts" by Stephen Osborne. The book covers hauntings of ghosts in northern Indiana. Interestingly, Osborne includes a passage about hauntings in the restaurant:
"Hacienda Restaurant in Mishawaka has long had a reputation for being haunted.
A young woman's suicide there many years ago is said to be the cause of the ghostly
happenings. Rumors persist that in certain parts of the building lights go on and off
mysteriously. The taps in the restrooms will turn themselves on and off. People have also
reported feeling like they were watched, especially in the women's restroom. Does the
young woman still roam the Hacienda Restaurant?" (71)
(I attempted to indent for MLA style but the formatting would not cooperate.)
It's an intriguing book for potential ghost-watchers or those who are interested in reading about apparitions an ghosts.

LaSalle Branch Fun Fair

J. asked if I could volunteer at the LaSalle Branch to help out at the Fun Fair. I said sure, asked Steve if he wanted to join me, and then we both spent a couple of hours helping out. Beautiful weather, thank goodness! I enjoyed seeing people again! I fostered my inner child and helped kids decorate bags, collect candy, and plastic fangs (I donned a pair), and painted pumpkins. Every year I used to hire a face painter for these events. This year, I opted for a decorative bat with yellow eyes. I spent the day with a painting of a bat on my cheek. After it was over for the kiddies, a few of us kids at heart (that's code for the 35+ crowd) jumped into the bounce machine (a bouncy contraption where kids can jump around) and played. According to the statistics, over 450 children and their caregivers attended this event. It was nice to give back, even for a couple of hours.

Five Years of Marimba and Ice

My blog turned five last month. Life changed so much since posting my first entry in September 2005. I no longer recongize the person I was in 2005. In 2010, I confidently stride forward to carve my own proverbial niche in the world, while re-creating my own memories and holidays, living my own life, and moving forward one step at a time. I wonder what life on the blog will bring in the next five years.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Capturing Autumn

Autumn in northern Indiana reminds me of life. The fleeting days. Inch by inch, the days grow shorter and the sun sinks into the sunset earlier. Sun's friend Moonlight follows and whispers in cool breezes throughout the night. Moonlight stays longer, as it has been her season since summer. Falling leaves, the colors of the leaves on the trees, and sky changes. Changes in life as well.
A friend inspired me to capture autumn yesterday because of the perfect landscaping and the ideal weather. Instead of waiting to venture outside to embrace the day, capture the perfect photograph, and soak up the last of the warm sunshine until the coolness of winter approaches, I seized the moment. Once the leaves fall to the ground and the sky turns to night, the day and the moment passes.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Open Book Weekend: Saturday

Diet coke for caffeine, check. Drums, check. Puppets, check. Script, check. Last glance in the mirror to check makeup and wild art hair. Check. Steve and I were on our way to Open Book. Steve volunteered this year, as he does every year, to dress up as a costume character and brave the swarms of kids that approach him. This year, Steve dressed up as Peter Rabbit. And yes, I had a good time teasing him while he was in costume. This was my first year as a performer. I presented a participation-percussion-poetry-play entitled "Drumstory". I brought my drum,my heart, and my words. I think it went well. I am hoping to present more in the future. The coolest part of the event was when Jim Gill presented his Soup Opera. It was also his birthday. Instead of me bringing a present for him, Jim gave one to me: an autographed book. His performance brought me a lot of fond memories as a children's librarian.

Open Book Weekend: Friday

I am still smiling from the wonderful weekend I spent with the St. Joseph County Public Library patrons, staff, and volunteers. They had the annual Open Book Festival. For many years I served on this committee. This year, I experienced the event from the other side as a presenter and volunteer. On Friday morning, D. asked me to join him to appear on Fox 28 News to promote the event. I remember appearing on the news many years ago to promote puppet shows. The local news stations and the South Bend Tribune always support the library. So, Steve and I rode with D. to the station and promoted the event. Friday night, I visited The South Bend Chocolate Cafe and staff from the library decorated a haunted room and read ghost stories. It was so much fun to see staff again, meet new volunteers, and have a "howling"good time (couldn't resist.) I left the haunted room to attend one-year anniversary of ArtPost with streams of fake cobwebs adorning my hair.

National Lampoon's Garden Adventures, and Last Thoughts on 46

Update on Sake Sakura: We will be making an appointment to get Sake's MRI. It's been really hot and our schedules have been nuts,...