Sunday, October 10, 2010

South Bend Ghosts

After volunteering at the fair and running a few errands, Steve and I decided to enjoy dinner at Hacienda in Mishawaka. While he drives, I sometimes read. I picked up a book at the LaSalle Branch entitled "South Bend Ghosts" by Stephen Osborne. The book covers hauntings of ghosts in northern Indiana. Interestingly, Osborne includes a passage about hauntings in the restaurant:
"Hacienda Restaurant in Mishawaka has long had a reputation for being haunted.
A young woman's suicide there many years ago is said to be the cause of the ghostly
happenings. Rumors persist that in certain parts of the building lights go on and off
mysteriously. The taps in the restrooms will turn themselves on and off. People have also
reported feeling like they were watched, especially in the women's restroom. Does the
young woman still roam the Hacienda Restaurant?" (71)
(I attempted to indent for MLA style but the formatting would not cooperate.)
It's an intriguing book for potential ghost-watchers or those who are interested in reading about apparitions an ghosts.

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