Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend: So Far

Thursday & Friday Right now as I type, Miss Java Cat is snoring to my left on the sofa. So far, it's been an uneventful weekend. We hosted the venue for a quiet and comfortable unThanksgiving feast. Steve's folks brought over baked spaghetti, side dishes, and pies. Our friend D. brought over wine. We then viewed a charity concert that Steve's folks attended with Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steve Winwood, Sheryl Crow, and other musicians. We then viewed Mission Impossible II (I know we're behind but better late than never), and then showed D. Red Lilly. Later that night, Steve and I watched the last episode of Doctor Who (the 10th doctor) with David Tennant. I will miss him, but will continue watching the series. Today has been a slow and lazy day. I accomplished an overdue trip to the post office (no one was there) and picked up an application for a passport. I'm finally going to do it so we can start traveling overseas. I am thankful for the people- and for the lady cats- in my life. I am also happy for those who have moved on (especially some from GL in recent times) and grateful I know where I stand. I am moving forward to a place in life where I really don't care so much. Stay tuned for more enlightening posts.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moonlight Book Review

I read and finished this book in the vicinity of 2:00 a.m. The book is written by Shannen Doherty of 90210 and Charmed fame. (She has other TV and film credits.) It's a guide-to-life book for women. I liked her honesty, her integrity, and her vision for the future. I also enjoyed some of her tips on how to life like a badass rather than a bitch. Here is a rundown of the top five tips I got from her book:
1.) Decorating Your Personal Space: Choose five objects that you like to finish off the room (178).
2.) Fun Files: Have a file to put all your dreams, your favorite things that you like or want to know more about (181).
3.) Creating an Outdoor Room: Use coffee cans, sand or cement, four poles, and fabric (188).
4.) Uses for vintage fabrics and mismatched chairs (191-192).
5.) Small dinner soirees (196-197).
I love the fact that Shannen prefers mismatched chairs and table settings. She also covers topics ranging from personal experiences to travel destinations. Definitely a must-read. Thank you, Shannen. I am currently working on being a better badass--or at least a smarter one. :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sakura Spay Day

This is one of my favorite photographs of Sakura. She is trying-unsuccessfully-not to nibble on the African violets. Today was definitely a case of the Mondays for Miss Sakura. She visited the v-e-t today. Snip snip. We admittedly delayed her spaying longer than we should have, although she is still definitely a kitten. We did not have a chance to take her in before her second heat. She went into heat very quickly after the first one. I am surmising if the balmy October/November weather may have played a part. She also recently started displaying aggressive behavior by spraying on the new carpeting (!) near the front door and biting arms. Steve and I both noticed her change in behavior, so we spared ourselves and the other lady cats a third round of kitty hormonal hell. Steve returned home and is now venturing out to pick Sakura up now. I cannot wait to hold her. It was very quiet around the homestead today. Too quiet.

Acceptance into the MLS Program

What a nice way to start the Thanksgiving week! Today I was formally accepted into the MLS (Master in Liberal Studies) program at Indiana University South Bend. It has been a long process for two reasons: a) I decided to delay admission for a semester; b) I switched programs. I formally thanked but would like to again express my appreciation to all the people who played a part in my acceptance to the program, ranging from switching jobs (thank you, Steve for your support as always), to recommendations, to perusing documents, to emails, FB posts, and phone calls of support. Thank you, colleagues, friends and family, for your love and support. You mean a lot to me. I am now excited to start taking a class (or two) in January 2011 and explore the possibilites. But first, rest.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Restful Sunday Afternoon

I'm feeling a little better. Brain kicks into gear. Let's start doing this. Think about that. Maybe try and get up and do something around the house. Steve has threatened to sit on me and Sakura is watching the screen and resting on my arm. I think Steve and Sakura are in cahoots. Anyway, schedule caught up with me. Push, push, push. Now in bed with sinusitis, tonsilitis, and bronchitis. Passed up lunch yesterday in Chicago (food!?) and had to pass up on going to see the new Harry Potter movie (!). Usually, I can push it a little bit. Moral of the story: listen to your body. Steve is doing well :). I'm a little concerned because he's been sneezing a bit, but he appears to be feeling fine. Keeping careful watch on him. Anyhow, last week was a good one and a whirlwind. Carpeting is installed and we are slowly putting things back, away, or donating it to St.Vincent de Paul Society. (Helpful Hint: They do not put a top limit on values of your items. They let you do that.) Also continue to weed own library of books and donate to the public libraries or IUSB. Three bags so far of donations. Friday I attended a Lia Sophia Vanity Fair Bingo Soiree. It was a lot of fun. I am hoping my hostess will get orders. I am most likely going to cancel the Friday after Thanksgiving open house. We still have more to do around the house and need to rest. Will do a cyber Monday online show instead. Saturday Steve and I travelled with friends to my friend's graduation from the Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute. We're so proud of her! Chef M. Okay, back to bed. Perhaps I can talk Steve into watching Doctor Who with me this evening. (Oh, I was informed to need to spell out Doctor.) Geek correction. Soup and sleep first. A good benefit of bronchitis (if there is one) is weight loss. I've lost a couple pounds this week. Coughing burns calories. Anyway, have a good week. ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Painting, Done. Carpeting, Tomorrow.

Steve just put away the last of the paint. It's Wednesday. In a few short hours, sometime between 8:00 a.m.--10:30 a.m., our carpeting will be installed in the living room, stairs, and upstairs hallway. Hallelujah. Steve and I are both exhausted, but happy to be having this project completed. It's been several months into the process. We would have also carpeted Steve's office, but there is beautiful oak wood underneath. It needs to be cleaned up, of course, but I couldn't bear to cover it up. The living room also has oak, but the wood is not in good shape and completely clashes with the pergo. I am confident about covering that up. We will use the extra carpeting from the floor in the office to make rugs to scatter in there and perhaps in the dining area, too. Special thanks to Steve's Dad for helping with carpet removal and our friend G. for assisting with taping the walls. ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

700th Blog Posting

Wow. I've posted 700 blog entries. That's a lot of words. I am proud of the fact that I have stuck with and dedicated time to writing. My writing continues to improve and my voice continues to become wiser. Perhaps I should spend more time dedicating to this blog and off of FB. I was on and discovered that someone unfriended me. I am hoping that it was just a case of closing an account and opening up a new one, but I have a hunch it isn't so. And in the words of my mother, rest her soul, she would say, "isn't that nice." (Yes, I am giving you the polite version. :) ) Here's to another 700+ blog entries. Cheers!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Night

Steve and I are redecorating and remodeling the living room, dining room, den, and upstairs hallway. New carpeting and paint. It's exciting but a big endeavor. I am grateful that we can take our time with the painting before the carpeting arrives and is installed on Wednesday. This also gives us an opportunity to reorganize our space. I am happy with the colors (buttery cream), the couch (warm gray), and the carpeting (beige with tiny gray flecks). It seems like we have been in transition for awhile and I will enjoy working on other rooms (especially in the upstairs office). When this is all finished, I am certain I will be able to devote more time working on blogging and writing. Thank you for hanging in there with me. I hope you will continue reading.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I am Java, Hear Me Roar

I woke up this morning to a caterwaul. I thought that perhaps Sakura attempted to torment Java again. I stumble to the end of the hallway and glance down the stairs. Java peered outside the window with a fluffy tail. Moshi and Sakura appeared startled as well. I took the thirteen steps down to the first floor and glanced outside. Java must have scared the intruder-most likely a neighborhood cat-away.
Java impressed and surprised me this morning. At age twelve, she hobbles and struggles with arthritis and kidney disease, yet she musters the strength to carry on in her own feline way. She usually keeps to herself, napping quietly in comfortable quarters away from the youngsters, or observing from a distance.
I glance at Java and she is lying on her side in the doorway. My catnip kitten- or rather my caterwauling kitten- snoozing in the sunlight.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Teeny Tiny Cards : A Review

I picked up this charming little gem at the library. Jane LaFeria's book, Teeny Tiny Cards: Little Projects That Make a Big Impression, appeals to card makers, collage artists, and scrapbooking experts alike. I love to make cards. I love the tactile feel of decorative papers. I love the visual appeal of the combination of art and words. My favorite idea, entitled stacked deck (it's in lowercase in the book), pertains to making collage on playing cards. Have you ever had a deck that does not contain 52 cards? (Insert joke about not playing with a full deck here.) What a brilliant idea. I may try that out. The book contains templates, contributing designers, and an index. (I'm a librarian. I love a books that has an index. Geek alert.) This book contains big ideas. Kudos, Jane LaFeria! :)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Conference and Painting

I attended a teaching conference on Friday in Indianapolis. The conference, entitled the Indiana Association of Career Schools, provided a lot of great information about giving the best education to students, marketing your college, and about teaching to students with different learning styles. I learned a lot and hope to incorporate some of the information learned to teach better.
Steve and I also attended a friend's housewarming party, shopped for paint, and visited Barnes and Noble to benefit the St. Joesph County Public Library. It was great seeing friends there. Today Steve and I (with the help of our friend G. and under the supervison of the Lady Cats) moved furniture and painted. I then participated in a conference call with Lia Sophia. After the call, I finished up a couple of items and then Steve and I watched Dr. Who. It was an overall busy and productive weekend. :)

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