Thursday, January 06, 2011

Sakura's Story

I spoke with a friend tonight about the story of our kitten, Sakura. Thankfully she was not found covered in gasoline like we first understood. However, her beginnings were still horrific. According to my source, the foster parent's mother saw someone toss a paper bag out of a car window into a ditch. The mother discovered something moving inside the bag. It turned out to be a tiny kitten with big eyes, extra toes, and a loud squeaking meow. Fortunately, the kind woman rescued this little soul and brought her home. The daughter's family named her Sakura, meaning "Cherry Blossom" in Japanese. Sakura, adorned with a tiny pink rhinestone collar, told us her story the whole way home. Mew mew mew. Squeak squeak squeak. She is now named Sakura Hemingway and she has lived with us for almost five months. Steve and I are healed and touched by this little flower. What a tragedy if our little cherry blossom was never able to bloom. My heart breaks knowing that she was disposed of like trash, but we treasure her essence and spirit and will always provide her with unconditional love and all the comforts of home.


miakoda said...

Sakura's a lucky, lucky kitty. I wish we could have one!

Kaiju said...

She looks pretty comfortable, doesn't she? :)

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