Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Tweet in Dreamland; Semicolons are for the Birds

The photograph above is my version of Twitter in Dreamland, with seagulls frolicking on Mission Beach in San Diego, California. My friends, I am experiencing surfing and San Diego withdrawal. Anyway, I celebrated my 200th tweet on Twitter with the following phrase: "I'm writing in the morning; I'm drumming in the evening." I would love to add "surfing in the afternoon", but the sentence would require a comma between morning, afternoon, and evening. You know what, that would be okay. I could totally lose the semicolon for a comma if that means I could catch a wave. I need to revise my tweet because I forgot to add the word "I'm" in the second part of the sentence. I'm a naughty writing instructor! (Forty lashes with a semicolon!) Semicolons are tricky and to be used with caution. A semicolon separates two independent clauses. An independent clause is a fancy term for a simple sentence. So if you want to impress your friends at a fancy soiree or at the beach, you can discuss independent clauses. In my opinion, semicolons are for the birds. They do look spiffy in a sentence, though. Of course, if they aren't used correctly, they just look silly. Birds look silly, too. Have you ever noticed a bird that didn't look somewhat silly?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Here is a spring photo of a rabbit hanging out in the backyard. I wonder if it is putting off the honey-bunny list. I am slightly procrastinating my projects for my courses because I am spring cleaning. Yep. Calls need to be made, laundry needs to be done, and paper clutter needs to be tamed. Shredding is therapeutic. Eventually I will return back to writing my paper. Hmm. I think the dishwasher needs to be emptied and the weather is sunny. I must take advantage of a walk around the neighborhood later. :)

March 2011 Cat Photos

Too tired to write tonight, so I will post more disgustingly adorable cat photos. Enjoy! -xo

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Book Proof for "In the Family of Trees"

The proof arrived yesterday. We're very pleased. Steve and I made a few tweaks on the book. He uploaded the file again with our revisions. We are waiting for confirmation. We will then order one more proof, order the books, and set up our online store. This is a bittersweet moment. I am very happy and pleased with the results, but also a little sad. I wish I could call Mom and tell her the news. However, I am confident she is with me on another level.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Tonight I officially sequester myself from the world as I write in my bedroom, which is my sanctuary.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green on St. Patrick's Day or Bad Kermit Karma

(One of Kermit's Distant Relatives, 8/23/09) I am not sure which is more annoying: waking up to the incessant chatter of birds outside or waking up a few minutes later to the five shrill rings of my cell phone. It may be a toss-up. I woke up too early. I was ready to get on with my morning after a bumpy night with a sick husband (not his fault, poor sweetie-despite my efforts to the contrary, I shared my flu), Lady Cats taking turns taking their halves out of the middle of the bed, and of course, what you just read about this morning. I was not really in the mood for green even though I adore green and I like St. Patrick's Day just fine. I sported a black top and pants for work with a large pink and green flower. Even though I am an adult, the silly traditional fear of being pinched on St. Patty's Day by being caught without my green still follows me. Teaching is fun, so the morning passed quickly. I am grateful that the bug has passed for the most part and Steve is on his way to getting better, too. I was invited by a couple of girlfriends to dine at Trio's this evening. I am so glad I can make it. Will I be partaking in green beer and corn beef cabbage (ulp)? Um, not this year. Perhaps a nice glass of sprite and a bowl of mashed potatoes would suffice. I will quote Kermit the Frog, a notorious green amphibian, by saying that "it's not easy being green." Perhaps I tempted bad Kermit karma by sampling frog legs at a buffet last weekend. Cheers. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Marimba Day

After a hiatus (our band is in the process of reforming) I'm excited and a bit jittery getting back on the percussive bandwagon. Perhaps because I care so much and want to provide the best background music for A. and her guests. I am also flying solo tonight, bringing only my marimba, conga drums, and other percussion instruments as companions. It's good to take the risk and just do it. A. is the CEO of Grass Roots Media. Once a month she hosts a meet-and-greet for the business community in northern Indiana. A. makes you feel at ease and at home in her space. She's a brilliant entrepreneur and renaissance woman who I admire greatly. Most importantly, A. is a beautiful person, possessing the qualities of both inner and outer beauty. A., I am dedicating my performance tonight to you.-xo.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

List for Today

My agenda for today. Hm. The question is, what do I need to accomplish first? One of the annoying traits of ADD is that everything has the highest priority. In order to clear the swirling clutter and create some order out of my busy brain, I write lists. I write a lot of lists. I write a plethora of lists. (Plethora=too many.)Hopefully this thought process will entertain you and to share what I need to accomplish. 1. Practice. I am performing at Grass Roots Media on Friday. I will be carting out my marimba and conga drums. I need to have some tunes ready on marimba and some beats created on drums. I also want to end the evening with a drum circle. 2. Blog. Check. I'm doing this now. 3. Tweet. Will do this after I blog. 4. Grade. Need to follow up with students and grade. 5. Clean. Self-explanatory. Preliminary fake house. 6. Send. Need to send outgoing mail and packages. Includes cards and bills. 7. Gasoline. Do this so I can go to post office and send packages. Be sure not to choose diesel in my haste. 8. Write. Will do this after my errands. Writing to naughty cell companies (Centennial) and for my classes. 9. Exercise. Trot around boulevard and serenade neighbors while listening to iPod. 10. Read, Peruse, and return library books. I have a bag full of books to unload. Will pester staff while I am there. 11. Call and/or email. Bling, School, Teaching. 12. Play. Keep fur children out of mischief. Tough to do, especially at night. Chewing on cords is their latest pastime. 13. Steve. Hug the Steve. Then leave him be so he can finish editing my book. Sounds like a full day. I better sign off and get started. Oh, yay. I can cross off number three.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Two Found Poems

We are well on our way to publishing the book! Here are two more poems that I found in a journal. (I have a plethora of journals. It's one of this writer's weaknesses.) I wanted to post the two poems so they don't disappear in my journal. I believe they were written in 1999. Enjoy! :) ghost trail white walls once someone else's art showing a piece of themselves leaving only a ghost trail of tiny significant holes [department store lights] department store lights fun house mirror common dIsToRteD images

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Book of the Week: Alchemy Arts: Recycling is Chic

I visited the 'bary this past week and picked up an armful of books to peruse. One of the books I decided to read cover to cover is called Alchemy Arts: Recycling is Chic. Alchemy Arts is an environmentally conscious arts group based in the UK. This book consists of charms, clothes, and jewelry made out of recycled items. Even if I don't try to make anything out of materials, it's fun to check out and read anyway. I do need to open the box and try out the sewing machine...

National Lampoon's Garden Adventures, and Last Thoughts on 46

Update on Sake Sakura: We will be making an appointment to get Sake's MRI. It's been really hot and our schedules have been nuts,...