Wednesday, March 09, 2011

List for Today

My agenda for today. Hm. The question is, what do I need to accomplish first? One of the annoying traits of ADD is that everything has the highest priority. In order to clear the swirling clutter and create some order out of my busy brain, I write lists. I write a lot of lists. I write a plethora of lists. (Plethora=too many.)Hopefully this thought process will entertain you and to share what I need to accomplish. 1. Practice. I am performing at Grass Roots Media on Friday. I will be carting out my marimba and conga drums. I need to have some tunes ready on marimba and some beats created on drums. I also want to end the evening with a drum circle. 2. Blog. Check. I'm doing this now. 3. Tweet. Will do this after I blog. 4. Grade. Need to follow up with students and grade. 5. Clean. Self-explanatory. Preliminary fake house. 6. Send. Need to send outgoing mail and packages. Includes cards and bills. 7. Gasoline. Do this so I can go to post office and send packages. Be sure not to choose diesel in my haste. 8. Write. Will do this after my errands. Writing to naughty cell companies (Centennial) and for my classes. 9. Exercise. Trot around boulevard and serenade neighbors while listening to iPod. 10. Read, Peruse, and return library books. I have a bag full of books to unload. Will pester staff while I am there. 11. Call and/or email. Bling, School, Teaching. 12. Play. Keep fur children out of mischief. Tough to do, especially at night. Chewing on cords is their latest pastime. 13. Steve. Hug the Steve. Then leave him be so he can finish editing my book. Sounds like a full day. I better sign off and get started. Oh, yay. I can cross off number three.

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Is that all? ;)

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