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forty years looking up at seventy

I glance down in the corner of my laptop time is 12:23 a.m. 7/29/2011 happy birthday you (would have) turned seventy today. I look into my patchwork heart and upward at the universe on a cloudy, humid midnight morning in hopes to find you and wish you all the happiness and love here, and in eternity.

The Marriage of Laura and Stanley

I have probably shared this story many times, but I am going to share it again anyway. It's a great story. I'll attempt to share it in a unique way. It still cracks me up after all these years. Fourteen years ago, I married Steve. He is the love of my life and my best friend. We wed in a small Presbyterian church in South Bend, IN. Rev. Harry Collier, who is now in Heaven, was our minister. (Everyone called him "Rev.") Although retired, Rev. agreed to marry us. He was a gentle and sweet man. Like me, although Rev. was great with faces, sometimes forgot names. Fortunately, M., who was a seminary student at the time and accompanied Rev. during our wedding and reception, remembered names quite well. At 4:00 p.m., after the processional decked out in wedding attire, Rev. started the ceremony. Although meaningful to us, it was your typical wedding ceremony. However, Steve and I heard the names "Laura" and "Stanley". Steve and I looked at eachother and…

Happy Day

Today has been a beautiful day. I'll take the heat and humidity. The sun was shining. Admittedly, I started celebrating my birthday early. I may never stop. I started another blog called "Off the Vine". I am chronicling 365 of happy 40-ness. I want to thank the staff at Yesterday's for the great photo with hat and the staff at Thyme of Grace for the complimentary lunch and the sparkler candle from "the kitchen witch"! Meanwhile, I'll keep posting on Marimba and Ice with more fun adventures to follow!!! :)

Seven Days Looking Up at Forty

Today is July 13. In seven days, on the seventh month of 2011, I will be forty. It is surreal. I realize it is only a number. However, it is a significant number. When I turned thirty, I wanted to write and chronicle the days of that year. I may still be able to find journals and piece events together. Fortunately, with the emergence of social networking and the weblog, I will be able to chronicle my 365 days online. I am excited for the challenge. Many people ask, how I am going to celebrate my 40th birthday? I am going to celebrate it all year long with positive people and pets. My birthday happens to fall on a Wednesday this year, so Steve and I will most likely enjoy a nice dinner and watch the sunset from our front porch or deck, depending on the weather. I know it sounds a little boring, since it's the "big day", but in late I have learned to enjoy the calm and quiet moments in life. I cherish those moments.

Yardsale: The Creative Side

Whenever I think of yard sales, I think of my friend E. who I used to perform with many years ago. She wrote a cool poem called Yardsale. She would read it and then I would perform a percussion solo. It was well-received. As I mentioned before, I really enjoyed meeting people and visiting with people while having the yardsale. And since we developed a connect with people even on the surface, some of the same people returned back the next day to purchase other items. Talk about Sales 101. Building authentic relationships. In a sense, I feel like I am paying it forward. In a music/writing lesson with my student, we talked about yardsales, brainstormed ideas, and then wrote about them. When I find my poem, I will share it with you. However, it may be lost in the yardsale!?

Yard Sale: The Logistics

Steve and I decided to host a yard sale on Friday and Saturday. It was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun. We spent quality time together, made a little cash, and cleared out some of the non-essentials to make more space in our home. It was also fun to meet new people, reconnect with neighbors we haven't visited with in awhile, and enjoyed the outdoors. We were so fortunate to have beautiful weather on both days! If we make the time and energy, we may have one more sale this fall. Here's what we did correctly: 1.) We had the sales on both Friday and Saturday. Fridays are usually the best day around here. 2.) We had three brightly colored signs and arrows that we posted to direct us. 3.) We had a tent so our stuff wouldn't get too hot (or melt). 4.) We marked the prices (except for a few that I missed). 5.) We were able to be flexible with prices. We talked one person into buying our framed Darth Vader lithograph. You can say we used the Jedi Mind trick. :) 6.) We cr…

Deer in the Wood and Evening Fireflies

Steve and I marveled at the beauty of last night's countryside. We left for home as the streaks of the sunset blended into the large trees to the west. Adorning the lush green foliage were deer. One of the deer bravely looked at us; another cautious deer carefully watched from the treeline. Fireflies adorned the setting of the deer in the countryside with yellow lights flickering like candles in a slight breeze. Fireworks in the sky emulated--but could not compare--to the natural fireworks display we witnessed while watching the deer in the wood.