Thursday, August 18, 2011

Darth Saturday

Steve and I descended downstairs to the restaurant, and we got our wonderful (GAH) server again. Good morning, sunshine. He makes a flippant comment that he got our check to us in a timely manner. Do you want a gold star? Just do your job! (For the record, we are not one of those creepy customers who servers write about in books. We are very friendly patrons. We. Are. Nice. People. Really.) Anyway, we paid the bill and left. We then headed to the exhibit hall. I obtained my geek badge. (Steve picked his up yesterday) The exhibit hall was enormous! We took photos of the Star Wars entourage and the Jedi Mind trick was played on Darth Vader. He was moved (by the harried staff member) to the other side of the galaxy (okay, conference hall). I attended a writing seminar. Afterwards, we went back to the room. I relaxed in the room and slept. Steve read. We met up with friends later and dined out at The Ram, which is the hot geek spot in the heart of the con. I went back to the room and rested. Steve went out with friends. Overall, it was a good day.

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