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A Sunday Drive on County Road 4

Sunday was a lovely day to drive to down State Road 4 to North Liberty, Indiana to reflect and finish my final draft of my place essay. Here is the latter part of the essay, since it reflected on the day and of my experiences: Seven years later, on a late Sunday morning, Steve and I again took to the countryside to remember. Above us, streaks of white cotton-clouds marked the azure sky. The late winter sun warms the earth to a balmy 34 degrees and the rays are bright enough to warrant a pair of sunglasses, so I pull a purple pair out of my purse. We stop to gas up Kumi (Toyota Hybrid) and hit the grocery store for snacks to retrace the steps—or the wheels, more accurately--and we were on our way. I am excited and a little apprehensive. Perhaps the landscape will be altered. Perhaps memories will overwhelm me. Perhaps I will have forgotten. We turn right onto Kern Road. We look at the white house on the right hand side corner with a red bar and woods to its left. A horse named H…

Snowy Saturday and Day Three

It's a sleepy, snowy day. Steve took me to IU, worked while I attended the second to last class on Karl Marx and The Communist Manifesto . Although it is enjoyable, it will be a relief to be finished next Saturday. I can really focus my attention to my Stylistics course (LOVE IT!) and a MLS independent study. More details to follow soon. Day Three of Giving: Gave a compliment to a young writer. She is a friend and will be publishing a book a poetry this spring! P.S. Gifts can be in the form of kind words. :)

January Haiku and Day Two of Giving

Yellow monarch sips on pink flowering thrones-- butterfly exhibit. LCS/2012 I wrote this poem in class with my students during one of the freewrites. Day Two: Writing Cards I'm writing and send out cards to family and friends today.

Pay It Forward February-29 Days of Giving

I purchased the 29 Gift book by Cami Walker and started participating in the 29-day giving again. I completed this once before and I am going to try it again. I started doing this in January, but I lost track of time. I'll start again. The twenty-nine days isn't about bragging about one's giving record. Actually, it is about mindful giving. Keeping track of one's giving and loving acts does lift the spirits and makes both the receiver and the giver happier. :) The beauty of this concept is that if you forget when you started or miss a day, you can always start over! Here's the website: Let me start with today. January 9, 2012: Gave oranges to students. Talked to managers about excellent staff service in a cafe.

January Poetry

Here are a couple poems I wrote in January while having lunch at Allie's cafe... Solitary lunch-- sips coffee at Allie's cafe clears crowded mind. Broken manicure-- killing it at a game of Spoons old year passing. LCS/2012