Adventures With Greenie: No Longer the Hillybilly Honda

I finally got around to taking Greenie the Honda Civic to the car hospital to get the muffler replaced. (Yes, I procrastinated.)  She started making loud noises about three weeks ago. An orange icon of a muffler on the left hand side of the dashboard came on for the first time, indicating that something was wrong. Great. So I take her in for the 75,000 mile checkup. (The old girl's over 80,000 miles now. I plan on keeping her well over 100,000 miles. She's been the inspiration of a lot of interesting adventures.) We haven't had a car payment in years, so I won't complain about an occasional shell out of cash to keep Greenie going strong.

Something amusing occurred last week. I needed to have hairapy before presenting at conferences and for school. There was a special on keratin treatment for hair, so I had that with my usual tinsel-covering hairapy. The only catch with keratin treatment is that hair cannot get wet for eight hours. Well, I was going to Indiana University to present my essay that night. It was April 30, and true to the nature of spring, we experienced showers. In fact, it was a downpour. So, the staff had someone walk me out to my car with an umbrella, and I had to tuck my hair into a shower cap.

So I'm driving home in the rain with a loud sputtering car and my hair tucked in a shower cap. All I needed to do was black out all my teeth, install a gun rack, play dueling banjo music on my CD player, and I would fit the perfect reneck profile. Classy. Thank goodness it was a short drive home and visibility wasn't the best. However, it was a humbling -- and now amusing -- moment.

Now my tresses are colored and calmed and my car is fixed and quiet. But the dueling banjos continue to resonate in my head.


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