Friday, May 25, 2012

Yoga, Here I OM.

A phone conversation and my facebook status inspired this blog post: "I have the same diagnosis as my thirteen-year-old cat: arthritis. Time to strengthen my core. Yoga, here I OM." ♥ I've been having some pretty intense pain for the last couple of weeks. I pushed myself--and my luck--with gardening, running, and walking. About two weeks ago I hurt my back and my left hip; I had shooting pains down my leg. I used heat, ice, ICYHOT, and Aleve. Finally, I broke down and called the doctor on Thursday. I went in, had x-rays, and followed up today. The diagnosis was mild arthritis across my lower back; I need to strengthen my core to keep it from getting worse. (I'm sure it was the doctor's delicate way of saying LOSE SOME WEIGHT AROUND YOUR MIDSECTION, FATASS! I'm filing that along with the flying squirrel arm incident.) I thought I would be frustrated and upset, but it's actually inspiring and an incentive to get off my duff and start moving again, not just to lose twenty-five pounds and keep it off, but to keep healthy. I think yoga will be good both physically and mentally; it was a great stress relief during college. It can be again. I will also need Physical Therapy (OUCH) and Massage (YAY). Javacat will be kept comfortable with her kitty morphine drops; I will be kept comfortable with exercising and stretching. There's a yoga class tomorrow at the Conservatory at 9:00 a.m.. I'm posting this so I will feel more inclined to commit to it. <3

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