Monday, June 11, 2012

Crimestopper Drunkwatch

An uneventful Monday night at Hacienda Restaurant turned out to be a little dramatic. Who knew the actions of the Caucasian couple who stumbled in and sat in the booth behind us would soon prompt me to call 911. The couple was intoxicated and destroying the menus. N., our regular server, called the manager up to the table and informed them that they would not be serving them alcohol. (The man thought it was Sunday.) The disgruntled couple waddled out of the restaurant. N. and the other servers watched the couple cross the parking lot out of the window and attempt to access other bars and restaurants in the square. Fortunately, it was Monday, so most places were closed. The staff called another venue that was open across the square to not serve them because they were intoxicated. Steve and I watched them wander aimlessly in the square and were shocked when the woman opened the driver's side of an old white Honda. Oh no, you didn't. I thought. I said to Steve, "We have to call 911. They're going to kill someone." So I pulled out my phone and called 911 to report it. I alerted the staff and they told the manager. I walked outside to see if I could see the car. (I didn't, but the manager said they turned left.) I didn't particularly enjoy being the drunk driving patrol and just wanted to enjoy my dinner in peace, but I was really afraid that they were going to hurt someone and/or themselves, and I didn't want another sleepless night.


David Ball, RiverJourneys, Inc. said...

Good for you !! I have called the police on drunk drivers and number of times and I know for sure that at least two were arrested and taken off the street. It is an issue of the public good. Thanks for doing what you did.

David B.

Jo said...

Props to you. People like that do NOT need to be on the road.

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