Shopping Excursion

Sometimes strangers are the best judges of clothing. I appreciate their objectivity. I needed to spruce up my droopy summer wardrobe, so I went to the mall and bought a proverbial clue. (Bad cliche, but I like to use it anyway.) I found two lovely dresses. One is gray and black with flowy covering, and the other is a pretty black and blue dress. I was on the fence with the gray and black dress, so I asked a mother and pre-teen daughter what they thought. I said, "In your honest opinion, does this make me look like a fairy goddess or a 21st century Mrs. Roper?" After initial laughter from a question they probably weren't expecting, they responded that they liked it. They like the "flowiness" of the dress and how it went with my hair (not the color-- I just had hairapy. Tinsel is covered). The woman also said she was shopping alone recently for a dress and strangers commented on how pretty she looked. I thanked them for their kindness and purchased both. I'll be wearing the gray one tomorrow for my friend's daughter's wedding.


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